My gift to you and you and you

Firstly Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Ok my gift for the photographers,
Grab an old SLR, range finder, film camera, grab a roll of film and put it into the camera, turn it on, wind the film and look through the eye piece choose your subject and press the button, now that feels good. I have been using my Voightlander Prominent (range finder) and loving it. Ok for those who feel nervous about using it and don’t want to waste film cheat yes cheat….. Rules of cheating put your own spin on it, here is how you cheat take your digital with you find the spot you want to shoot do a test on your digital and get the right readings and then put those on your SLR now remember it wont be exactly the same so put your on spin add and extra stop or change focus just play.

Ok my gift for the painters,
I have painted a little and have had my work in art express so i do have the basic understanding of painting and drawing. OK here it is if you are a right handed painter try painting with your left if you are a left handed painter paint with your right if you use your hands try using your feet, basically do something different and feel as if you have just started again.

Ok my gift for the t-shirt designers
This is an easy one make your print backwards so the only way you can read it is through a mirror.

Tha whole point of the gift is for you the reader to try something different and for you to remember what it was like when you first picked up the item or designed that first print. My experience of shooting with my range finder has been an exciting one I got this beautiful Illord B&W 24/125 film 24×36 and shot and shot and shot I think i f**cked the last bit up as my camera does not have a counter so i think i took 28 shoots (ok i was in a rush and wanted to get it developed) I put it on the 21st December and will ick it up on the 23rd December I am so excited, I have not had to wait to see my images for a long time. Just enjoy.

Merry Christmas, happy hanukah, happy Kwanzaa

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