Cary McAulay

Blackbutt, Australia

Cary has been painting professionally since 1986. Cary has won many Art Awards all over Australia, ranging from The Portland Art Prize,...

just a thought I had today

“No Matter who you are today….if you call yourself an artist – you are at all times standing on the shoulders of the giants that walked the earth before you…. even Rubens, Giotto, Dali, Homer, Monet and yes even Picasso, also stood upon the shoulders of giants!”….originality? that’s when you manage to climb up over the ears and onto that shinny bald head and while slipping around to get a better footing, you realize that it is all about belief in yourself!! heh heh I only get there in my dreams ! that’s because in them ‘I CAN FLY!” Cary McAulay 2010

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