SYDNEY - Invitation to an Exhibition on Thur 7th of August, 2008


Once again Steve the Bodymechanic has organized an exhibition to feature Gallery26 artist’s.

“As you all know who follow me , I do lots of stuff that promotes art in whatever ways I humanly can!! As of all the artists I know , I know because of their passion and belief in their art. Many of you that have been associated with gallery 26 are familar with John the korean (ik lae jeong) and his large in depth works which are filled with eyes! The eyes of his spiritual beliefs and journeys which he wants to share. I think John has a redbubble site but his command of english is not the greatest but his passion is!!”

“Anyway at 6.30 pm on Thurs 7th aug I would like to invite you all to support this great artist for closing drinks in the foyer of the Mcgrath Foundation at 115 Sailors Bay Rd Northbridge (nth syd way!) Please note that a percentage of sales and commissions if any works are sold will be donated to the Mcgrath Foundation for research into Breast cancer it is worthwhile to turn up because who knows who could come to support this wonderful cause and artist!

“So please join me and just really enjoy art and be part of a good cause!
Let me know if u can make it as i will be able to cater better for the event!
You all know I like a bit of a semi spectacular!!”
- steve

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