26th of June, 2008

Well a week has gone by and delivered a result for our first challenge, Still Life. I would just like to congratulate all members who entered this challenge which has given us a wonderful ‘gallery’ of fantastic high quality still life artworks, well done! Also a special congratulations to those members whose work appears on the ‘Leader Board’.
The Artist whose work came first is Carrie Glenn and as such has become featured artist of the week.

  • I would also like to make special mention to ArtPearl
    Who accidently removed her entry and was coming second at the time with Inside Out

    She has asked me to pass on her sincere apologies to those members who voted for her and regrets this turn of events.

Current Challenges

I have also released a long term challenge to all members to create a work specifically for a challenge. It is Redbubbles for Christmas. You have approximately 5 months to create your work, so if you feel inclined put your thinking caps on and your brushes and paints out.

Here at PiMT we are always interested in any thoughts, opinions or suggestions we get from our members. With this in mind we have created a new forum topic where you can do exactly that. So come along and tells us what you think.

  • Check out our very own website;

    If you would like to become involved visit here for all the details.

PiMT Featured Images
This is proving to be a popular interactive way members can participate in the group and have a little fun at the same time!


……………………………… The Muppets Take the Guggenheim

Muppets and fine art, together at last.
Along the lines of last month’s competition ‘Mona Laughs Her Head Off’, we’re launching another comedy fest – this time with everyone’s fuzzy friends the Muppets as the stars.

Here is an example we prepared earlier:

Raphael’s Critics

The prize:
We feature 5 of your works on the overview page of the PIMT group for 7 days!

You have two weeks, so……….. It’s time to get things started

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A new week and a new featured artist!

Carrie Glenn

Find out more about the Featured Artist of the Week here

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