Gallery26 Braemar Gallery Show up and Running - Take a look!

Gallery26 is a group of artists formed primarily of Redbubble artists and is the creative collective of Steve McLaren aka bodymechanic

The show was hung on the 14th of May, 2008 and its doors opened on the 16th of May. Just take a look at how brilliant it looks!!

If you would like to join us for drinks to celebrate this fantastic exhibition and meet the artist’s responsible for the work you can do so on the 24th of May at Braemar Gallery, 104 Macquarie Road, SPRINGWOOD at 1.30pm.

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  • Angela McConnell
  • Kaitlin Beckett
  • Juilee  Pryor
  • ziggurini7
  • ziggurini7
  • caroline ellis
  • Marilyn Brown
  • shapiro
  • Robert Knapman
  • Ozcloggie
  • bodymechanic