Hope for Chloe

Hey guys if you have not had a chance – check out this bubble – Hope for Chloe

Donating ImagesGood Morning, I am ever so grateful to each and every one of you for helping with the donations, This truly warms my heart. to have so many people, from all parts of the world and banding here to help this little child who is so dear to me.

I will be setting up a special email address just for chloe so then it makes it easier for me to keep track of, I would hate to mess up on something so important.
To better explain what I do, I run my own site on here, and I am juggling my art and Chloe’s art, Im a full time mum, part time carer and a student, so it would truly be appreciated if I could ask but a few things of you, If you wish to donate an image could you,
Check that the image size is very large ie 3453×2302 and are 3.71MB
(What I do when I upload, I go to my files, select the original image I want to post, then I upload that one….the files I upload on my personal site are very large, they need to be so I can add them to a calendar or wall art…) I need you to email the actual Photo , not a link to it please
if a link to the image is sent, we can not upload it because we can only get the small size file and its too small to post as cards
1- rename the image – as in, the title of the image and then if you could place a (- then your user name) – Like this (Chloe’s Rose-AlexMac) so then those folks who see the art , especially in calendars, can know who donated it to the cause.
2- could you please make the subject of the email, Hope For Chloe.
3- Could you please include your bubble link ie http://www.redbubble.com/people/hopeforchloe , as I am having trouble trying to link to the artists who donate if I only get a first name and their bubble user name is different. If there is no link, and we cant locate you on redbubble, then we have to just write your name that is on the email you sent or write annonymous donor,Please Help us help you.
4- Could you also please make sure images are a higher resolution because I hate to upload them to find they are too small to post for sale on here * for example – 3453×2302 and are 3.71MB
If you could do these four things, *it would sure help, because It would make me very unhappy if I accidentally mixed up images when they are donated – Im not getting any younger you know lol
Images can still be sent to keyline69@hotmail.com and I will notify you once I get the new email address for Chloe
Thankyou so much once again, This idea to help Chloe is really taking off and you should all be so proud of yourselves for making the difference in one child’s life
Love and Hugz xxx

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