My Very First Magical Fantasy Sci Fi Calender 4 2008 is now 4 SALE

Waves at everyone.

Wow, it sure took me a bit, but I now have my first Calender under my belt, and hope for many more of them, I have a plan for maybe 2 more for 2008 in the next Month if I can, and will start on 2009 in a couple of Months to make sure I get a good head start this next time. But I just joined up here so I am not going to beat myself up to much, I have friends that do that for me, ROTFL /giggles………

I will also add to my Bio very soon, but I am in the troughs of doing something very important and I wanted to wait until it is released before I update my Bio on a few places that is very much needed here soon in so many ways.So please feel free to go buy 1-5 Calenders and send them to your friends if they didn’t get any good Calenders this year as most Fantasy Calenders are all gone in stores before Thanksgiving ever comes around these days, so now is your chance to find your Fantasies with me this year.

Oh I just found out this Calenders are just beginning, so if you would like to buy one you will need to contact me, and I will get the PayPal stuff going, but I will also need a few more days to get it all together, I thought it was going to be a no brainer like the other posters and so on, didn’t realize I had to do all the sales work getting it set up. Sorry for the delay folks, but I guess Redbubble is kinda in the same place I am, not to together about calenders yet, ROTFL lolol, will check blog for updates with them on that.

Maylock Aromy Stansbury AKA DeathTwister on other websites.

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