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Well this is fun,Well it has and is taking me a little while to get this all together here on redbubble, as I am pretty busy in one way or another, but I have just uploaded 2 Paintings now that are for sale.My main objective this next week is to upload and create my first Fantasy Calender for 2008. The week after that I was thinking of Making a 2008 Fractal Calender of my art as well, since so many people seem to enjoy them and comment on then all the time. But I wanted to share my fantasy stuff first in Calenders and what knots, then on 2 the sales Department then 2 you my friends So please be my guest and make my Day, Week, Month and so on as my birthday is coming (Dec/6/07) and nothing better then a gift of Art that has been bought of mine and given to someone special that you love enough to share. /winks.And I am working I think and hope on a Awesome Calender for you all, and that has been my dream my whole life as an artist, was to create a calender for the world and I now get to see my dreams realized, how cool is that /winks. That is the main reason I got into computers in the first place. haha /chuckles, wow did I get sidetracked ROTFL lol, so I hope you enjoy the progress and the new art that will be for sale popping up this next week.

Maylock Aromy “the DeathTwister” Stansbury

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