Hay all,

Just a few lines to post a update on what I am doing.Have not been on much as my dial up has been on and off due to the fact I am trying to set up hi-speed way out here in nowhere land. So I am on and off the internet most days, also I have been so swamped with video game Dev, and Art projects that have not had allot of time to post new art. The art I do have ATM is in Contests and will post them all as the Contests end, coming soon on some of them, and will have them as prints when I do go live with them.I am a Challenge Manager for Renderosity’s website using “Terragen2 Deep Preview” so I am pretty busy most days.I just wanted to update all you wonderful friends and artists that I am working on rendering something right now that should if it renders like I think it will, will be pretty darn cool I hope. I will post it asap here. The name of the piece is called “Ogre Speak”.I also wanted to let everyone know that while hardly any of my work posted here is ready for sale, any who are interested in any pieces of my work can contact me at:
and I can set up and render out in hi-rez and can print and ship any piece that you may want of my work now, just email me, and we can work a deal /smiles…..

OK having said that I am out the door to go to my Printers now, as I am printing today the first test batch of “StarQuest” and “Dragon Flight” to sell in stores and online with limited addition prints. Both Images I believe I have on this site, or should hahaha.

OK dot dit for update see ya’;; soon and hopefully internet fixed for good in the next 36 hours or so. Then I will be around more here on da redbubble express hahaha lololol.

Big Hugs to all
Maylock aka DeathTwister

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