The Beginning of a Long Journey

Well I uploaded my first Print for sale. Not sure about the higher end pricing and am still learning, but it is the Beginning of something I hope wonderful for people and me /chuckles….I may change some pricing, as I am still learning all the business part of this web site so still reading but enjoy, and hope you like my craft in my art and my style of painting 3D Digital Art. A little Background on this image for sale is below as well as on the Image page.
This is going to be part of an ongoing Digital Graphic Novel I have just started on. called (Shon’s World). and will be at starting here very soon as I get my U know what together and get some web updates on that website.

Shon’s World “Dragon Flight”

Got it’s name because as we started to descend to the Planet and start to look for a landing site and a place to set up a base camp, all of a sudden a Flying creature which as you can see can only be described as a Dragon flew up in front of our scout ship. Our Scout Ship must have disturbed the Dragon somehow. Maybe flying over a nest or a cave we didn’t see at first, but it scared us and made us realize that this planet sure isn’t the pastoral setting we had hoped for, in fact it is a barren waist land of very rough terrain so we decided to take precautions as we set up the base camp since we have no idea how hostile these Dragons are to us. In it’s own way though this Planet looks like there are very many adventures and as we found out later a Planet where Magic works and Technology is almost unknown.

Created Using Daz, TGD2 deep Preview, and 3D Studio Max, and PhotoShop just about in that order for those Interested.

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  • Lisa  Weber