May Lattanzio

Joined February 2008

Author, poet, freelance writer, rescuer of dogs and cats, / animal welfare advocate, hookbill owner, occasional wildlife rehabilitator,...

Rosebud and Diamonds Poster $12.00
Sunset on Econfina 12-09 Poster $12.00
Slime... Art Print $22.00
All together now - Sing Art Print $22.00
The Bubble Rocks Art Print $22.00
Lodgepole Pine Art Print $22.00
Einstein's Wiglet Greeting Card $2.40
Trapped! Art Print $22.00
The "I Love You" Leaf Art Print $22.00
 Peaceful Afternoon Throw Pillow $20.00
Down Under (an Anole) Poster $12.00
Sulphur Butterfly  in Morning Glory 2 Poster $12.00
Wild Coreopsis Poster $12.00
Japanese Persimmons Art Print $22.00
Orange Banded Butterflies - Cockrell Butterfly House Throw Pillow $20.00
Cypresses on the Point - Autumn Poster $12.00
Beautiful Blur - the Butterfly as Abstract Art Throw Pillow $20.00
Grasshopper incognito Art Print $22.00
Polka-dotted Wasp Moth Poster $12.00
Vern Art Print $22.00
Sip from a Golden Cup Poster $12.00
WHOA! Throw Pillow $20.00
Confederate Rose - Sex 101 Art Print $22.00
Confederate Rose Art Print $22.00
Alfalfa Field in Montana Unisex T-Shirt $19.50
Longhorn cross on Bridger Creek Art Print $22.00
Freeze, Bambi! Art Print $22.00
Pipestone Throw Pillow $20.00
MONTANA, OF COURSE. Calendar $24.00
Tree on Sandstone Outcrop Art Print $22.00
The Duckpond Art Print $22.00
Outfitter's string Art Print $22.00
Ribs Unisex T-Shirt $19.50
Guarding the Flock Throw Pillow $20.00
The River M Art Print $22.00
Old Stock Corral Art Print $22.00
Beartooth Scenic Highway - Summit and Cirques Art Print $22.00
Fly Fisherman - Soda Butte Creek Art Print $22.00
The Hanging Valley Art Print $22.00
Across Time (Ako Taha Tohatu) Art Print $22.00
Do you think she has cookies? Throw Pillow $20.00
Battle Butte Art Print $22.00
Bonsai on the Stillwater Art Print $22.00
Watching Me Art Print $22.00
Aspens in the Sun Art Print $22.00
Faded  Beauty Throw Pillow $20.00
Amanda's Pennant Throw Pillow $20.00
Approach and concentrate... Art Print $22.00
Muley Doe and Hybrid Daughter Art Print $22.00
Five Bucks Art Print $22.00
Pitts Spring (Florida) Damsel Art Print $22.00
Little Big Guy Throw Pillow $20.00
Path to the Swimming Hole Throw Pillow $20.00
Hairstreak on Spanish Needles Throw Pillow $20.00
Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly Throw Pillow $20.00
Tiger in the Tall Grass Art Print $22.00
Sulphur Butterfly in Morning Glory Art Print $22.00
Snail in a Mushroom Jungle Art Print $22.00
Terns on Sandbar Art Print $22.00
Out of Place Throw Pillow $20.00
Little Pump on the Prairie Unisex T-Shirt $19.50
Long-tailed Blue Skipper in Red Lantana Throw Pillow $20.00
Blue on Blue Throw Pillow $20.00
Long-tailed Blue Skipper in Wild Morning Glory Throw Pillow $20.00
Green Eyes Art Print $22.00
And over she goes - Art Print $22.00
Lotus and Dragonfly Throw Pillow $20.00
Light and Shadows Poster $12.00
Elephant ears with ants Throw Pillow $20.00
Sweet Bay Seed Pod Art Print $22.00
Little Chewi - Orange and black caterpillar Throw Pillow $20.00
Master of Camouflage Unisex T-Shirt $19.50
Sunset in Monochrome Throw Pillow $20.00
Butterflies as Art Calendar $24.00
Ripples Art Print $22.00
Sunset July 17, 2009 Art Print $22.00
The Red Earrings Art Print $22.00
The Overhanging Branch Art Print $22.00
Beaver Dam and Pond on Econfina Creek Art Print $22.00
Outflow from the Beaverdam Greeting Card $2.40
Bernie Art Print $22.00
In time, a pebble... Art Print $22.00
Beautiful Blur Art Print $22.00
Wasp with Prey Art Print $22.00
Get your own leaf! Throw Pillow $20.00
Hot Water Art Print $22.00
Monarch on Bidens alba Throw Pillow $20.00
Dogface Butterfly on Pokeweed Art Print $22.00
Ailanthus Web Moth Art Print $22.00
Long-tailed blue skipper Art Print $22.00
Pearl Crescent Throw Pillow $20.00
Frangipani/Plumeria Throw Pillow $20.00
Harvester Art Print $22.00
Waking Up Throw Pillow $20.00
Monarch in Bidens alba Art Print $22.00
American Lady Throw Pillow $20.00
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