life after love

I’m running
On an open desert plane
The light of the sun blinds my face
I smell of gasoline and smoke
You smell like sex and lace
Slowly zoom out of your body
Follow me above this place
Float with me above the trees
Above the clouds to the edge of space
To where people become ants
And cities become light…
She looks at her phone and hits ignore
Somehow both of us can’t be right
Let’s go past the edge of the moon
Where you can’t see man’s plight
Where we were shadows once dancing
Sipping drinks and holding hands all night
Faster, until the sun disappears
And 100 trillion stars fill my sight
I’m still running back on earth
Trying to escape that life
Because the distance between us here is non existent
Just two hearts that are filled with empty space
I’m closer to you than anyone has ever been
I swim in each tear that has carved your face
I believe sometimes that we’re the last of our kind
I wonder if we can continue to race
She’s sitting in a coffee shop texting
I’m studying why each molecule fits its place
One is trying to forget
One is dying to erase
True love is ignorant in the eyes of experience
I have several scars that keep me awake
Free will is seen as a fallacy to biologists (3)
I have several letters at the end of my name
There’s a nebula of a million colors before me
And somehow I still can’t think of the right words to say
I love her out here
But don’t we all just fade away…
I’m more unafraid then I’ve ever been and that scares me to death
Because I’m still learning how to live day by day
Losing all contact with the earth I once knew
And I’m still learning to find my way
Out here every star is exploding in a billion pieces
I’m blinded by their iridescent rays
Our souls are connected here
I believe such a power stays
But back on earth we’re all running
Why does gravity make us stray?
I guess I’m still hoping
That I’ll never lose my place
No one’s wrong or right when it comes to love
It’s just one big chase
Running toward what we want to hold on to
Holding on to what keeps us safe
I wish I could show you how beautiful life is
Out here with your lover in space
I wish I could tell you all
That it will all be okay
We were told in fairytales that our lives would end as happy
As the night stars exploded and we first came
No one ever said the same fingers
Would end up pointing that magic dust towards blame
Can we traverse all of time?
Can we conquer all of space?
Can two people let go of their hearts
Knowing nothing out there will ever be able to replace
The song of your voice
The heaven that needs to wait
We are born from the same elements as the stars
I never believed it till I felt your taste
We are always told how fragile life is
But I never believed my heart was that vase
When we were surrounded by gas and dust nothing mattered
Why on earth is that not the case?
Why do lovers fuck and fight in the face of temptation
I wish I could tell them that’s such a waste
Because regret is a dark cloud of antimatter
Yet we still get pulled from our innocence and our chaste
I’m at the edge of space now where time slips away
Near the lote-tree beyond which none may escape (1)
Even our relativity is a lie (2)
How can we say what the truth is when it changes every day?
And if I was ever forced to live on earth again
I wonder if I could bear the burden of that weight
I wonder if my heart is as malleable as my mind
Inwardly I know the price of being reshaped
I know as soon as I took the lessons of the heavens with me
The world would look at me as if I were out of place
Because love has become a leper in a world
That is obsessed with money, sex, and pace
If only I could show them how short time is
When you live in outer space
If only I could show them how to live again
But I know that isn’t my place
So let me live in stellar clouds where the light blinds me
And you can choose whichever god will listen and pray
Her soul is sealed in mine
As I drown in those tears of grace

It’s true my fears supernova
When I just want to feel that skin and trace
And yet I’m still wondering the meaning of it all
As the light fills my eyes and I cling to that soft embrace

life after love

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Artist's Description

A story of love… lust… stars… spacedust… life…death… lies… trust… man… god… and us

- A metaphor about being “in love” and how that changes while we run around our daily lives with our daily stresses

(1) Rough translation from Qur’an Surah 53: The Star (from Qur’an chapter 53, An-Najm (Lote-tree is a mystical Islamic metaphor concerning the uppermost boundary in knowledge a human being can possess concerning god)

(2) based on the work of Martin Tajmar, Clovis de Matos et al from European Space Agency 2010

(3) prevailing theory in neurobiology and neuropsych based on many the work of many contributors over time including but not limited to … Cashmore A. (2010) The Lucretian swerve: The biological basis of human
behavior and the criminal justice system PNAS. Soon CS, Brass M, Heinze HJ, Haynes JD (2008) Unconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain. Nat Neurosci 11:543–545., Wegner DM (2003) The Illusion of Conscious Will (MIT Press, Cambridge)., 24. Libet B (2005) The Temporal Factor in Consciousness (Harvard University Press, Cambridge).

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