Rumney, United States

I love to fly….. that’s what I do and what I’ve ever wanted to do and now… well as you can see I am doing just...

Flying High!! Whitefield wonders!    Poster $13.61
Close Encounters... Adios my Big Visitor of a Bear!   Poster $13.61
Just Breathe.... Poster $13.61
Here's my baby..... Poster $13.61
Flying high over the Flume!   Poster $13.61
Mystery of the changing leaves Poster $13.61
Mystery Island of Mine...... Poster $13.61
The Ice-ith Come-ith... Watching it grow!   Poster $13.61
Hey!  Can't anyone have any privacy??!!!  Poster $13.61
Waltz of the Flowers Poster $13.61
Drawing Day... created using just ink with a feather  Poster $13.61
Sparkle Poster $13.61
Sunshine and Daisies Poster $13.61
Flight of the Woodpeckers Poster $13.61
The strange and wonderful universe of art.... Poster $13.61
Wet and Wild Poster $13.61
Tulips on Red Poster $13.61
Close Encounters .. of the Bear kind!  Poster $13.61
Now it's time for me to take YOUR picture!!!   Poster $13.61
For the love of Tulips Poster $13.61
Flying high over Crawford Notch Poster $13.61
Jamaica's Garden Poster $13.61
Mother Nature's Gift..... Poster $13.61
Mystery of the Runaway Snow... Poster $13.61
Pod - in watercolor Poster $13.61
About to POP!!!    Poster $13.61
Oooohhhh.... what is this STUFF?!   Poster $13.61
The Spirits of Color... Poster $13.61
A Fractal A Day Keeps the Doctor Away Banner Poster $13.61
My beautiful firegirl  Poster $13.61
Goodnight Moon...   Poster $13.61
Chipmunk plus Bubblegum.... oh dear.... Poster $13.61
Greetings!  What's that you're eating?   Poster $13.61
Flying in New Hampshire Poster $13.61
Mother Nature's Power Poster $13.61
My little friend.... Poster $13.61
Flying high over Squam..... Poster $13.61
Very Close Encounters.... of the Bear Kind!  Poster $13.61
The Evening Grosbeaks are Back!   Poster $13.61
Yes - an up and down up and down Toy!!!   Poster $13.61
I'm a Little Tea Pot..... Poster $13.61
SMILE! Poster $13.61
Saturday March 27th 2010 Poster $13.61
Swallowtail Island Poster $13.61
More Fun Underneath a Jupiter Sky Poster $13.61
Dusting off the feather again Poster $13.61
Wind, Fire and Water... Poster $13.61
Reba Poster $13.61
Harmonica anyone?????   Poster $13.61
Flight of the Ravens Poster $13.61
All that needs to happen is to look up... Poster $13.61
And now it's time to Dance!   Poster $13.61
The Magic of Winter Poster $13.61
Electric Poster $13.61
Nellie, Erika and Topper .. oil on canvas '76 Poster $13.61
Girls just wanna have fun... OOOhhh girls just wanna have fun! Poster $13.61
Maya Angelou Poster $13.61
Lilies of the Valley  Poster $13.61
Erika, my daughter.. and the puppies!  Poster $13.61
Promises of life...... Poster $13.61
Melancholy Rose Poster $13.61
Lilacs are Blooming in New Hampshire!   Poster $13.61
Why oh why oh why are my nuts all gone?   Poster $13.61
Pride Poster $13.61
Contemplation Poster $13.61
The Tiffany Glass Cardinals Poster $13.61
Dance of the Angels Poster $13.61
A Father's Love...... Poster $13.61
The Twelfth Rose Poster $13.61
Cute and Cuddly Feature Banner Poster $13.61
October in NH Poster $13.61
Underneath a Jupiter Sky Poster $13.61
Lost in an old fashioned memory..... Poster $13.61
Best Philly Steak in Town Poster $13.61
Rich? Poster $13.61
My beautiful firegirl Erika!  Poster $13.61
Flying high over Mt Lafayette..   Poster $13.61
A Rose, sometimes is just a rose..... Poster $13.61
A Cup for You!  Poster $13.61
Okay, now carefully pull out the spoon........ Poster $13.61
A Programmer's Thoughts... Poster $13.61
The Color Purple... Poster $13.61
A last burst as  the curtain starts to close Poster $13.61
Bat Poster $13.61
Better than Spagetti!   Poster $13.61
A Mushroom fantasy Poster $13.61
Ohhhh Maaannnn......  who said the snow word? Poster $13.61
Landscape in ink.. work in progress Poster $13.61
The Lakes Region of New Hampshire Poster $13.61
That Maple Spring Freshness.... Poster $13.61
Ho Ho Ho from the Summit of Stinson Mt!   Poster $13.61
Meet Bugga!   Poster $13.61
Not quite a dozen..... Poster $13.61
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  Poster $13.61
The great unfolding Poster $13.61
The Magic has only just got started... Poster $13.61
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