Rumney, United States

I love to fly….. that’s what I do and what I’ve ever wanted to do and now… well as you can see I am doing just...

It Seems Red is giving lessons..... Remember the Squirrel with the Bionic Jaws?

It started out a rather glorious morning in the little town of Rumney, NH… I ran about the house gathering bread for the birds and the sun was just coming up. Looking through the glass, it looked spectacular! (course then there’s that warning… red sun in morning, sailor take warning.. thing….) But oh gosh I loved it regardless!

Within an hour the sun started to change and created a rainbow-like sky!

The berries were still shining as the sun came out and snow started to melt….

I looked across the trees and low and behold someone else was also enjoying the sunrise! We rarely see wild turkeys here at our house.. usually about a mile down the road.. guess they decided to migrate!

These birds are HUGE and so amazing as they parade in a huge flock-line around the properties exploring and pecking for food…

This image was taken, untouched through the slats in the railings on our deck – I kinda liked the layer look….

Many birds – they walk in a sort of lineup where there is a leader and then the followers.. and the stragglers… … and… did I say these birds were HUGE?!

Here they’re heading off into the forest… bye bye turkey dinners…..

Okay… enough of that…!!! Now here is Smokey – a typical.. er.. well not so typical gray squirrel who befriended Red – that bionic jawed wonder…. He’s ready for bear!

Following directions via Red.. Smokey traveled up the post and onto the feeder like a champ! Course I duct taped the top but he found that it was the perfect thingie to hang his back feets from to get .. well … my goodness these make gumbies obsolete!!! That little thing could stretch I swear around and around the feeder like it was made feeder-shaped… I guess we got ourselves a feeder-engineered squirrel!

Course…. everything is bigger with these guys… especially their heads… Smokey didn’t have an easy time once he got his head in.. it didn’t exactly come out easily….

After snapping his head out with a pop – he proceeded to realize something… “Ohhhh I can make lots of friends – watch this!” and proceeded to tilt… and tilt and tilt the feeder until seeds started falling out of the holes and onto the ground below! Hanging via back feets using duct tape this little wonder was feeding the world!!!

Course – whoever made up that saying Monkey see Monkey do…. ??? Then there was an odd sound and another popped out and up the other feeder! Oh dear….

It wasn’t long before his buddy caught the hang of it and decided that knob was a great thing for “hug and play”!

It was like watching the Who’s in Whosville in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! All kinds of racket started to sound from the deck… The peanut gallery down below didn’t seem to mind – actually they were cheering as seeds rained down on their parade! This little Female Cardinal was one of the first to experience this raining ecstasy!

Not to miss a thing – well… I guess you can tell by this Jay’s expression where he ended up!

Ohhh yeahhhh!!!

A Party’s going on!!! Before long the deck was all alive with birds and rodents celebrating the holidays with the most awesome cheer!

At first Mr Chubby Cheeks (resident chipmunk) wasn’t too impressed until some of that “rain” landed his way! Course.. why do they have to bury everything?

The Whos in Whoville were still having the best time popping, topping, swinging, and singing – this one found that the much embraced knob could go up and down!! What fun!!!

I think I want to keep this!!! He says while pulling and tttugging…. flopping and falling too along the way as the wind started to kick up again….

Snow is upon us again! This turkey is not looking too impressed….

Speaking of not impressed!!!!!

Help! Haaaaallp!

My Knob!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Huggin’ Tight!!!

A winter fantasy from NH to you shared by Smokey the Gray!

Happy Holidays everyone and a blast off to 2010!!!! xoxo!

Hope you enjoyed our new “visitors”!!! Most of these images are untouched from the camera – I just really enjoy watching these little creatures and their antics!

More adventures in NH – “Blazing a new trail to the Summit of Stinson” can be found here ! DO check it out! and Enjoy!

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