Children? What children? What do you mean I have to feed them??!!

Is it physically possible to mainline RB?? Someone just jab a canula in me, hook me up, and be done with it already! I have shut my internet down so many times today, only to turn around and flick it back on 5 minutes later….and there’s only one website I look at…….insanity!!!! I am going to have to construct some serious limitations on myself, otherwise my 8 mth old will have to feed himself, my 2 y.o. will have to change his own nappy, my 4 y.o. will have to drive herself to and from preschool and my 6 y.o. will have to do all the cleaning and laundry and cooking. That’s not expecting too much, is it?!!!!

must go cold turkey, must go cold turkey, must go cold turkey….for at least two hours, for heaven’s sake!!! tell me i’m not alone……….

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