Hello everyone,

And happy new year to you all, hope that 2013 brings happiness and success in your photography endeavors.

I have had a facebook page for a little while now, but haven’t really embraced the social media. However, this year is going to see some big changes for me, and one very large change is already in the pipelines which will involve the social media aspect of life.

So i invite you to join me over on my facebook page, so that you can be amongst the first to know about this adventure, and when it kicks off as well as how this may be relevant to all of you ……. :-)

Please spread the word of my facebook page as freely as you like. Perhaps a bad choice of phrase given the current climate here in Australia ……. but make it spread like "wild fire’.

Hope you are all well, and i look forward to seeing more incredible works from all my contacts very soon.

Maxwell Campbell Photography on Facebook

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