Why the Australian Flag MUST be changed.

Why the Australian Flag MUST be changed.

I readily agree the symbolism on a national flag is of the utmost importance. The United States has their precious Stars & Stripes, Japan their rising sun and Britain the blending of three crosses and we could go through flag after flag and either point out the symbolism or research it.

However the Australian flag, or more correctly the British Blue Ensign should not remain our flag, as the real symbolism is no longer relevant. Modern Australians understand the Southern Cross, but they do not at all understand the Union Jack in the corner…Oh we’ve heard all the arguments;

Such as:

a. 1. From our past, signifies our beginnings (which if were true we would have the Aboriginal Flag in the corner) In fact having the Union Jack in the canton (technical term referring to any quarter of a flag, implies that Australia’s ultimate allegiance lies with Great Britain, which it does not;

2. Our father’s and grandfathers fought under it… poor reason. My Grandfather & Father both served in WW1 & 2 respectively and what I’ve learned about my Grandfather was that he was a man who lied about his age to join the Australian Light horse and served at Gallipoli, France and in Belgium, he was a man who was always able and willing to change and adapt. Although he was born British I bet today he would be yelling at us “Why??? Our flag MUST represent us as a people and folks we aren’t English nor are we a British colony any more we are an independent nation, which has closer ties with the aforementioned United States than we do with England.

c. 3. We have had it since the start of Federation so why change it. Again another poor reason. Things change constantly, we are no longer a British colony, for more than 100 years we have been self-governing and independent, yet we still have that dammed Union Jack in the canton.

d. 4. The worst lie of all: Our founders were Christian and therefore we should defend every decision they ever made. This is simply a myth; Henry Parkes himself was a Freemason, hardly a Christian. Constitutions are supposed to be living documents; i.e. change according to the needs of the people and not be documents forever set in stone.

I do not believe that the current Australian National Flag correctly identifies us a free and democratic people in a nation united in purpose, I for one will never swear any allegiance to England, under any circumstances. England was responsible for sending over 53,000 young Australians to pointless and need deaths in WW1 and was directly to blame for many thousand during WW2 with their refusal to lend aid at critical times. I do not deny a great love of the flag, but this is more inherited than truly achieved by genuine love, or a representation of who we are as a people.

Personally I would rather see the canton be our coat of arms, leaving the blue and the stars, or even changing the blue and whit to our official national colours which are Green & Gold. I would gladly accept to Eureka flag as our national flag.

I do not expect overwhelming support for MY views here but I do believe what I have said. Here are some possibilities:


Naturally the Coat of arms could be on the green & Gold flag with its white background.



Henry Lawson


Oh! the Cross of deepest blue,

With the bright stars shining through,

That was raised, my sons, for you,

On a skirt of purest whiteness long ago,

Long ago,

Long ago,

On the field of far Eureka long ago.

Oh! the girl that sewed the silk,

Blue as skies and white as milk,

(Jeanie Scotland – of that ilk)

In the hut there by Eureka long ago –

Years agone –

Auld Lang Syne –

With her young dead digger sweetheart on Eureka long ago.

Oh! the prayer the diggers said,

With the Southern Cross o’erhead!

It is whispered by the dead –

In the graveyard by Eureka whispered still –

Whispered still,

Murmured still,

By the shades that haunt Eureka murmured still.

Oh! the brother and the mate,

In the bonds of love and hate,

Ah! the help that came too late,

When the diggers marched from Creswick to the dawn,

Years agone!

Long years gone,

Oh! the midnight march from Creswick to Eureka and the dawn!

Few, and taken by surprise,

Oh! the mist that hid the skies –

And the steel in diggers’ eyes –

Sunday morning in September long ago;

And they grapple and they strike –

With the pick-handle and pike –

Twenty minutes freed Australia at Eureka long ago.

For the leader won his crown,

Though the flag was trampled down,

For it rose in Melbourne town,

Oh, it rose in Melbourne city that same year,

With a clear

Ringing cheer

Oh! it floated high in Melbourne that same year.

When the London strikers starved,

While old England’s roast was carved,

And our loaf with them was halved,

Then they bore our flag through London wreathed in flowers,

Wreathed in flowers,

Wreathed in flowers,

In the dreary streets of London, brightest spot in those dark hours.

They have stained it mongrel red,

And the stars are dull and dead,

With a northern cross instead,

Oh. the bloodstain like a red star long ago,

Long ago –

Long ago –

Oh! the red star that was bloodstain on the goldfields long ago.

We’re divided – we are curst,

By the paltriest and worst,

Parties striving to be first.

But the shots from far Eureka echo yet,

Echo yet, –

Echo yet.

And they rattle round my window in the wet.

Flag and banner of my dreams!

The time is not as it seems,

And the tide of freedom streams

With the spirit of the people over all.

We shall raise the bright flag yet,

Ne’er to falter or forget,

And ‘twill go through many battles ne’er to fall.

Why the Australian Flag MUST be changed.


Doonside, Australia

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Just pouring out my feelings about our national flag.

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