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So you want your own website...

I must admit that I’m a little taken back by the number of people who think they need to spend money and have their own independent website to be or become a successful artist, who gets sales and is exposed to the world in a professional way.
Well as one who designs and builds websites for my job. I have to burst your bubble. Here are some things to consider:
1. expense. Is far greater than you think… you have to buy a domain name, hosting, search engine optimisation – then every change or addition (if you cannot do it yourself) will cost you yet more money.
2. I’ll do it myself. Well beware as there is much to learn and do, you probably don’t own the software you need and the good stuff is expensive.

So what am I getting at? Two things:
1. As a member of RedBubble you can have a bubblesite at no cost, it’s already linked to your artwork and all the hard stuff is done for you. Just promote your bubblesite on your email, your car….. etc.
2. I can build sites, but I would prefer not too.

In conclusion: Use and work your bubblesite.

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