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I am now retired at the early age of 57, this is NOT because I’m so rich that I could afford to do so, but rather because of...

Only a little boy

He was only a little blonde headed boy,
Compliant by nature and never brave enough to be cheeky.
Schooled in religion as a means to control,
Ended up loving them all, now isn’t that freaky?

As days grew to months and then on to years
He lost all ability to shed any tears,
He didn’t understand or comprehend school
He felt such an oddball a real, out there, ‘tool’.

A cousin stole his innocence at nine
No comfort as no one was told, who would believe
No tears would ever attend this shrine
Left all alone in an attempt to grieve

He ended up convinced he was adopted
This simply could not be his family
He must have been Co-opted
Maybe just maybe his real name is Hamely

More than forty years on and the guilt still gnaws
Could someone have stopped it?
Just make him quit.
After all aren’t there laws.
Max Watson 26/9/08

1.Them.. refers to parents & faith -NOT religion.

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