Doonside, Australia

I am now retired at the early age of 57, this is NOT because I’m so rich that I could afford to do so, but rather because of...

The Masks I wear

Time for a bout of honesty.
I’ve worn masks all my life, no not bits of plastic, rubber or material but other far more dangerous masks.
There was the mask of cute compliant kid – the blonde headed blue eye ‘Little Max’ who was abused, ignored, not hugged, cuddled or told he was loved or special.
There was the mask of fun full on teen Max who grew tall quickly and was into everything, bushwalking, camping, abseiling, who could do anything with his hands in wood or metal, he was not very goo at sport but was an expert at laughing and getting others to laugh too.
Then there was the extreme extrovert Max flirted with any girl that caught his eye and drank way, way too much.
The stark truth is confrontingly simple; we all wear masks to hide the pain, the fear and the demons of the dark. We all need to just keep going on our journey until we find the one who loves us despite of us, whose love can never be earned, added to or warranted, the one who loves so hard the mask drops off and through it all the real Max/you can emerge.

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