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I am now retired at the early age of 57, this is NOT because I’m so rich that I could afford to do so, but rather because of...

Attention all Christians

There is a new website that you may be interested in here is a fledgling new community site. Currently this site is seeking Founding Members, who will be contributors in content, supporters and sounding boards, mainly for me, as this community grows and develops. Only members will be able to contribute to the site, with Founding Members having the highest level of access to contents and in giving input; founding members will be limited in number to 50, on a first come best dressed basis. A link will/can be placed next to their name linked to their external website. At this time please keep in mind that the site is new and not as polished as some websites. To become a founding member will require:
1. Filling in the on-line form member form.html .
2. Agreement with the Statement of Faith.
3. A one-time donation (covering founding Member status & lifetime membership) of $au50.00, via the Paypal link on the Home page. You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal to donate via a creditcard.
Regular Membership, which will be annual, is a donation of $au10. If you prefer this at this point use the same form and put regular member in the comment box.

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