Doonside, Australia

I am now retired at the early age of 57, this is NOT because I’m so rich that I could afford to do so, but rather because of...


Well, one of our Prime Ministers once said: “Life wasn’t meant to be easy.” Chris, otherwise refered to as she who must be obeyed, is away at present. She is actually an amazing person & I say that with her having not only put up with me for 28 years, but the last 4 she has cared for me as nurse – since I had a massive stroke. She loves Jesus too and is in prison this week sharing that love with women in a Women’s prison in western Sydney. I can’t believe what she has achieved leading up to this week. She has worked ceaselessly for more than 6 months & I mean ceaselessly – every night until after midnight at the computer, organizing the plethora of things to be done. Being a perfectionist does not help her in this, but her persistence is amazing. I have tried to be as helpful as I could, mainly to pray, but also to keep her data backed up & IT all working etc. Did a few designs for name tags, etc. Now I’m alone & at the mercy of my kids… can’t go to work as I have no-one to assist in the personal care. I really HATE being disabled and do not know how to come to terms with it, I’m not even sure I want to. Some of the issuses I do not think people are aware of with disabled people like me are:

  • the absolute frustration in not being able to do for oneself.
  • the slowness which I have to move
  • the loneliness
  • not being able to think straight
  • thinking bad about yourself
  • etc. etc.
    I woke very early this morning and first thought was disappointment that I was still alive. But as Ned Kelly said: such is Life.

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