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Does anyone know "Whohub"?

Hello, dear fellow bubblers!

I received a strange email today from a site called whohub:

“Recommended by: another user

We would like to include you in our directory of interviews with creative professionals.

We invite you to take part in this interview. It is free.
You will also be able to include any web links to samples of your work on the internet.

To start the interview just go to this web address:

Choose the questions that you want to respond to in any area that is relevant to your activity.

Interviews are available in five languages.
More than 25,000 artists and creative professionals in communication, technology and marketing already make up our network:

Whohub is a useful social network for locating professionals and making contacts, as well as for discovering new trends and values.

You can find more information about Whohub on our website."

Sounded like scam to me and the name they chose was the one I use on deviantART. I was just googled or something, I suppose.
I didn’t even dare click their links. ;)
Does any of you know whohub? Or had an “interview” there?

Have a lovely Friday and weekend!

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