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I am a spiritual artist, writer and photographer and engage myself in the Otherworld virtually from the cradle. / Contacts to and...

Some features and a challenge win :-)

Hello, fellow bubblers

How is the weather where you are today?
It is all grey, foggy and rainy here – a real bleh-day. But perfect for a coffee with cardamom and cinnamon or a nice cup of tea.

I am quite honoured that I won the Something you hold “Sacred”-Challenge of PEACE, LOVE & TRANQUILITY with my Rosary picture:

And I am happy and thank my groups for featuring some of my work.

Golden Angel was featured in Statues and Such

as well as Ego sum via, veritas et vita

and Guarding Lions

Medieval Snack was featured in Still Life Photography

Saint Mark, the Evangelist was featured in Angel Wings and Heaven

Victorian Carousel was featured in The Woman Photographer

Hekate was featured in THE DIVINE FEMININE and A Spiritual Walk

St. Columba’s Prayer was featured in For The Love Of Jesus

Soy Sauce

and Nun

were featured in European Everyday Life

The good Shepherd was featured in Christian Churches, Statues and Crosses

Merlin was featured in For the Love of Cats and Paws n Claws

and Lake District was featured in Alphabet Soup

Oh, and I hope I do not confuse anyone.
I did change my name and now use the one I am planning to use as a pen name. :-)

Have a nice week!

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