Bubbleland rocks!

Not a promo, but a thank you.
About 9pm Queensland, Oz time tonight my work views crossed the 2K mark. Sooo much more than I expected over a month and a bit after joining.
Therefore a big thanks is in order to all those kind people of this site for your views, comments, favouritings & feedback in general.
Special thanks to my mate Rob Mullner for his hints, tips, guidance & motivation over the last few years. He even got me up for a dawn shoot once upon a time! Haha! Also, thanks for talking me into buying things I couldn’t afford, like fancy polarizers, lee filters, wide-angle lens, etc… hehe Glad you did though.
Been a steep learning curve over recent years, but one thing for sure..I’m hooked..yet still sooo much to learn!
Thanks also to those encouraging bubblers contacting me & chatting/feedbacking through bubblemail…you know who you are ;) It’s what makes this place such a

p.s. this place is addictive…grrrr

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