Why is it there?

Imagine why it’s there or what went wrong? / Now does it symbolise a friendship lost / A weakened love’s lament, a farewell son…

For You

So hindsight shows me I’m not really served
Just Another Sunrise by Matt Penfold

You Get That…

Do you ever feel glum / Like the world’s closing in
Parasol by Matt Penfold Watching Over the World by Matt Penfold

The Curse

Throughout these new enlightened days / While some it seems have changed their ways / There still remains a sordid curse / Which drives us …
Peace and Awe by Matt Penfold

Words of a Feather

I saw a feather fly without a bird / It spun and hovered in the morning air
iRony by Matt Penfold Bangally Dawn by Matt Penfold SS Ayrfield by Matt Penfold Camerahead ET iphone by Matt Penfold Weedy Sunrise Turimetta by Matt Penfold I'm SpARTacus by Matt Penfold ART by Matt Penfold Shifter Brains by Matt Penfold Another Grey Day by Matt Penfold

Ships in the Night

I guess I’d hoped we’d shared each other’s light / Or was it just a nod without embrace?
America Bay waterfall by Matt Penfold Headland Looking At Hill by Matt Penfold

The Human Condition

Safety reached has shattered the illusion / Like presence of the knights who are mere men
Sea Mist by Matt Penfold Peace by Matt Penfold Warriwood Blowhole  by Matt Penfold

The Joys of Feedback ;-)

I had written him a letter / which I thought would make things better / And I sent it where they said to / Through the Bugs and Feedback tab
Mt Yasur Volcano by Matt Penfold SerpENT by Matt Penfold Rock Art by Matt Penfold Hot and Cold by Matt Penfold

Bridge to the Soul

The bridge stretched out across a gulf / My head said stand your ground it isn’t real
A bit of Colour by Matt Penfold Drawing Day 2010 Shiraz by Matt Penfold Drawing Day 2010 Dinghies by Matt Penfold

Don’t be fooled

Without a shred of evidence / They claim their tripe as fact / And if you try to challenge them / So poorly they react
Radiance by Matt Penfold The Ketch by Matt Penfold

A Solution for Soxy?

If you don’t eat toast for days / They say your brain will shrink
Tuesday Morning by Matt Penfold Saturday Evening  by Matt Penfold

The Flesh

Ale now he needs for his parched throat / And balm to salve his tender peeling skin / And noise to block out his own final cries / The trut…
Across The Bay by Matt Penfold The Edge by Matt Penfold Buddhist monastery on Taung Kalat by Matt Penfold

Lord Stradbroke’s Putter

The clubs were pretty rugged / Nothing special like today / (Though it’s really got me buggered / why anyone would play)

No Internet Connection Available Please Check the…

Is fissile fragile love the current fad? / Insincere and easily torn asunder
At Last by Matt Penfold

Cynical? (another angle)

For love makes all men fools
Lovely Legs by Matt Penfold Hello Sunshine by Matt Penfold Old Salt  by Matt Penfold Arty Images - for Rhonda  by Matt Penfold Bokeh by Matt Penfold Ominous by Matt Penfold Asleep In The Clouds by Matt Penfold High Tide by Matt Penfold

How Do I Love ?

With this in mind I’ll tell you of my love / That brings a smile in wind and driving rain / And even holds my gaze from stars above /…

Unanswered questions

We land on our bums or stand tall and proud / But at least if we’ve followed our dreams / Our lives will be full and not ruled by the…
Doyen by Matt Penfold  Slipping Away by Matt Penfold

Lorenzo’s Oils (or Lorenzo’s Painted …

When cast upon this hostile shore / I didn’t lose my faith nor curse / This nutshell opened up for me / Lorenzo’s painted universe


When love’s goddess is hardened is there hope / Can flesh regrow upon a soulless bone?

Even When You Feel Alone

Your state of mind is tenuous / As balanced on a knife / And even efforts strenuous / To take control of life / May in the end just miss th…

The insult

Dear Sir / The injuries suffered by my wife were neither insignificant nor due to her own negligence as you have so callously suggested. / …

The Wall

they each jumped away just in time for me to twist into the wall of the stone tower and break my fall with my shoulder, the crunch was sick…
Yachts and Pots by Matt Penfold

What do you reckon Dad?

I know I shed a tear or two / When father slipped the coil / The day he died and also when / They covered him with soil

I Dreamt about the Porker the Planner and the Pro…

As the porker scoffs the tart / The procrastinator waits / The planner scans the calendar / And ticks off all the dates

Food for thought Additive 621

Flavour enhancer six two one / That seasons food for thought / Often sprinkled just for fun / But sometimes deep and fraught / There are no…
Eleanor by Matt Penfold

When the Muse is Away

Hungry for some words one day / I couldn’t find my muse / Thesaurus wouldn’t help me / So I tried another ruse


Can you imagine hearing nothing / The first specialist said it was likely to be caused by a virus / There’s something unsettling in s…
Lensgranny by Matt Penfold Relax by Matt Penfold

Nancy @ thetears dot flow

I dreamed I sent an email to a broken hearted female / Cause I’d met her in a forum on redbubble months ago

I Remember

They always said that god was there / You didn’t walk alone / But visions of the lonely morgue / Still chill me to the bone

On Childhood

When does boyhood finish / And an adult life begin? / Some seem to think it happens / When he finally “gets it in”

This Girl is a Gem

She plumbs the depths of broken heart and weeps / From time to time her heart has whimsy leaps / Inspired by the words she shares so free /…

Personal Computer

Defrag between my ears to shed some light / Clean up the disk I like to call my brain

S&ra’s Request ;-)

I love to write in verse / I never pay attention to a rule / the words I speak are from a fool / That silly style that wipes a frown away /…
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