Scotland Island Christmas Eve Dog Race

Every Christmas eve there is a dog race in which the dogs swim from Scotland Island to Church Point. It started out many years ago as a bet between two locals over whose dog could swim the fastest. My dog “Black Sack” won it back in about 1981 when it was a much lower profile event. This year was the biggest ever in terms of both numbers of contestants and numbers of spectators. The entry fee is one long neck bottle of beer and one can of dog food, the fees being divided among the winners of the various divisions. It really is a wonderful social event and a chance to catch up people we may not see very often.…

Eager spectators with drinks in hand line the ferry wharf and foreshore before the start

Spectators before the start from another angle

The race underway with owners on surfboards, ka

Poets Eating Poets ;-)

Eating one another
Is a current bubble theme
It seems we poets
Like to follow suit
And as I read
It seems to me
For poets having sex
There never was
A plain and simple root ;-)

(for you ’mericans, root = fuc%)

Bendy Lens MkII

Today I received a special top secret package from Mel Brackstone thanks Mel! upon opening said package I was delighted to find a black rubber bellows. As fate would have it one end of the bellows fitted my favorite elcheapo loupe. The other end was a perfect fit for the tube that projected out of the mount part of a Sigma 28-80mm EF lens that came from Vinnies for $25 complete with an EOS Rebel 2000. Naturally I pulled the lens apart and only kept the mount and the parts of the electronics that trick the camera into thinking it has an EF lens fitted.…

This is the logical projection of the development of the Bendy Loupe Lens made famous by Mel with her Miss Bertie images

Now I can use the AF confirm function which was not available with the original bendy lens. I Don’t know if I’ll get any

Radio RedBubble

This concept has been promoted by Rhana and Nat among others, the idea is to record audio files so our RB friends know what we sound like, sorry about the crap quality, have a look at Nats journal for details about how to do it, I cant wait to hear what Julie Langford sounds like, then we can imagine what Roy sounds like ;-)

This is my offering

Shock Horror

Helen Bascom has been relieved of her duties as a voice of morality and decency among us. Helen is not necessarily the most popular massager of self indulgent egos and you may or may not agree with her methods, but there is no doubt that she is a caring and gutsy human being. She has never shied away from expressing her abhorrence of all forms of oppression and prejudice; racism sexism homophobia extreme religious zealotry Nazism etc.…

Various extreme right wing morons have waged a battle against her for years, these are the people who believe a Black man is not fit to lead a country and who would stoop to any depths to see Helen and other liberal minded people silenced. They use lies and deceit to further their self serving causes. I have personally been goaded by them too. It sickens me

Generational Milestone

While I had my grandson with me today my mother asked for the umpteeth time “what’s for dinner Matty?” mind you this was at ten AM so you can imagine I was getting a bit jack of it. “Well” I said, “I had planned on the sausages I bought next week but by the time I skinned them and gutted them there wasn’t much left”. “Oh yes” she said “they’re not much good these days are they?” Jett piped up “grandpa was making a joke silly, don’t you know?”

We’ve reached a milestone in the changing of the guard. The five year old is getting it and the 83 year old isn’t :-)

Bendy Lens Fun

Once again I’ve been inspired by Mel Brackstone, an artist who really does look at the “art” more than the science of photography. Apart from the brilliant landscapes and seascapes and peoplescapes she creates using hi-tech precision lenses, she also dabbles in the dark art of the “lensbaby”. Mel recently posted some lensbaby work that had me salivating and thinking about creating such a contraption. She kindly lent me a custom made bendy lens known as a MelHolga so that I could have a play with it and see how it was constructed. (the MelHolga was made by Ran, check out his artbending

Trials revealed that the particular MelHolga she sent me was suitable only for very close work. In order to achieve more distant focus, I tried various lenses that I had lying around and as it turned out my

Boats on fire!

This afternoon A large luxury boat caught fire in a marina on Pittwater, then it set fire to a number of others doing several million dollars worth of damage by the look of it. I took a few shots out the window, at a distance of about two miles. Note all the rubbernecks standing on the sand spit to watch. Both these shots were taken with a 300mm lens and the second one was taken through a Hoya R72 IR filter, I thought you might like to see them :-)

Some detail from the IR shot showing the people watching the action.

Back to Bubble Land

I’m back at last, the last month has been hectic but I think I’m getting on top of things.
The old Chook is back home now and her care will be a bit more demanding than before but I guess that just goes with the territory. Thanks for all the good wishes.
I will be trying to find time to post a few pics, do some writing and catch up with comments on new work and replies to comments over the next couple of weeks.
I’ve missed by friends on Redbubble and hope you are all happy and well :-)

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