Bendy Lens MkII

Today I received a special top secret package from Mel Brackstone thanks Mel! upon opening said package I was delighted to find a black rubber bellows. As fate would have it one end of the bellows fitted my favorite elcheapo loupe. The other end was a perfect fit for the tube that projected out of the mount part of a Sigma 28-80mm EF lens that came from Vinnies for $25 complete with an EOS Rebel 2000. Naturally I pulled the lens apart and only kept the mount and the parts of the electronics that trick the camera into thinking it has an EF lens fitted.

This is the logical projection of the development of the Bendy Loupe Lens made famous by Mel with her Miss Bertie images

Now I can use the AF confirm function which was not available with the original bendy lens. I Don’t know if I’ll get any better shots though ;-)

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