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Various projects have resulted in me being pretty quiet around here for awhile now. I’ll have some new t-shirt designs to upload in the new year, but if you’re wanting to keep an eye on other things then you can visit my website HERE or check in with me on my Facebook page HERE (which is the main place where I post in-progress art and other things, and it’ll be even more active next year as I’ve recently signed on to help develop 2 new comic series).…

Late January (2012) will see the release of the new Crippled Black Phoenix album, titled (Mankind) The Crafty Ape. I’ve produced all the art/design work for the CD and vinyl releases, the covers of which look a little something like this….

I’ve also been working on a poster for the band’s 2012 European tour, and that looks a little somethi

Sturstein + Matthewdunnart + The Game Of Kings

Earlier in the year I collaborated with Sturstein on a piece for The Game Of Kings.

Sturstein and I have collaborated on a number of pieces in the past, and it’s always a fun and unique experience as our styles and approaches are quite different. One of the main differences between our work is that Sturstein often works with a very clean, graceful line, whereas mine is often sharp and jagged. When I received the penciled page to work on I instantly knew that it would lose some energy within the line work if I were to apply my heavy inks over the top of it. So instead I just upped the contrast a little, filled in some areas that needed to be solid black, and applied colours directly over the penciled page.

After that we bounced the image back and fourth to refine a few details. The be


Thanks to everyone who came along to check out The Justice Will Be So Fantastic. The response has been great, and to answer the second most commonly asked question from the opening night ‘There may be more vigilante toys available in the future’ (it was second only to the ever-popular ‘Where do you get your ideas?’, which in this case was quite easy to answer as the whole exhibition was built up around the last 3 albums by Crippled Black Phoenix).

I’m currently formatting photos of all the art to put up on my website, until then here’s a post-exhibition video that shows all the work from the show.



A Ghostly Presence (oooooOOOOoooooo)

And that ghostly presence is me. With my latest exhibition just over a week away it’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to get onto RB for any solid activity. So many great artists uploading so much great work, I’ll have a lot to catch up on when the exhibition is over and I can return to check things out.…

If you’re in or around Melbourne on September 2nd then come along to the opening of The Justice Will Be So Fantastic starting at 6pm at Artboy Gallery. The gallery is located at 99 Greville Street in Prahran, right near the train station.

On Sunday September 4th there will be a performance by Melbourne philharmonic ensemble String Source, more information on that can be found here. I’ve long been a fan of art/music collaborations (it’s what this entire exhibition is built up

Exhibition Stuff + Monkey Stuff

The always talented MuscularTeeth has worked his magic to put together the below video to help promote my September exhibition The Justice Will Be So Fantastic (featuring the song Bat Stack by Crippled Black Phoenix).

And on a completely unrelated note, for the next 5 days this is happening…



Exhibition Stuff + Other Stuff

The Justice Will Be So Fantastic is the second chapter in an ongoing collaboration between myself and UK band Crippled Black Phoenix (whose music will be echoing from the speakers inside the gallery throughout the opening night). Teaming up with the band on this and other projects has been the most rewarding and inspiring creative experience of my life, and this is all just the beginning. This exhibition will include ink illustrations, 1/6 scale custom toys, and a mix of paintings and stencils on skateboard decks, wooden panels, and canvases.…

There will also be a performance by the Melbourne ensemble String Source on the Sunday night. I’ve always enjoyed the combination of visual art and music (the first printing of my graphic novel Lonely Monsters even came with a soundtrack) so prepa


I’m currently knee-deep in preparations for my upcoming exhibition, The Justice Will Be So Fantastic, which will be taking place early September in Melbourne. I’ll have all the info and some images from the exhibition available to post up in a couple of weeks. This show will include a range of ink illustrations, acrylic paintings, stenciled skateboards, custom toys and more.…

While this is the main focus of my day/night at the moment I’m also still hard at work on the new Leroy graphic novel and currently writing the scripts for a Leroy anthology comic. However, in order to get at least a few hours sleep a night, The Secret History Of Skullboy webcomic will be taking a small break and returning in August.

Speaking of comics, if you own an iPad or iPhone then I’ll have some more news soo

RB Original Art/ists

My home and studio are full of other peoples art and creations (my own work is rarely out as the longer I stare at it the more things I notice that I wish I’d done differently). For awhile the walls were mostly covered in the works of Ashley Wood, Glenn Barr, James Jean, and others. Over the last 6 months I’ve added a few new original pieces produced by some of my favourite Australian artists, artists who also happen to be part of the Redbubble community.…

A recent addition to my walls is this wonderful inkwash piece by Loui Jover. I’ve long been a fan of inkwashed art, there’s a certain loose beauty to it that grabs my eye and refuses to let go, and Loui is one of the greatest inkwash artists around. There’s a spontaneous confidence to his work that never fails to impress me.


Artboy VS Fanboy Round 2!

After the success of the first Artboy VS Fanboy Group Exhibition, which had the theme of Video Games and was covered on ABC’s Good Game, round 2 is about to kick off.

And this one covers my favourite theme in the world!

If you’re in Melbourne come along and check it out, there’s a great line up of artists involved.



Here’s a little promo that represents a particular element of the exhibition I’m currently working on (taking place in September). As if working with my favourite band wasn’t exciting enough, this portion of the exhibition has been made possible via sponsorship from my favourite toy company (threea).

I’ll be posting progress shots of the toys, and art, on my blog over the next few months (you can get to it by clicking the above image).


RIP - Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones, a fascinating artist who led a fascinating life. Click on either image to visit JCJ’s website (you’ll be amazed at the galleries it contains, by both the quantity and quality of the art presented).

Free Comic Book Day

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. An international event that’s been picking up steam in Australia over the last few years, this year is gearing up to be a great one. I’ll be at All Star Comics in Melbourne from 11am – 12pm (and will probably hang out a little longer after that) where I’ll be handing out free sketches. I’ll also have some original art and prints for sale. There’s a whole bunch of local creators sketching and signing throughout the day so if you’re in the area you should pop in and check it out (there will be free comics, of course, and everyone loves free stuff right).

You can find All Star Comics at Level 1, 410 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.



Finished acrylic painting of Daredevil for the upcoming group exhibition at Artboy Gallery. I’m doing a second piece, super bright, a nice contrast to the darker tones of this one.


Daredevil WIP + Group Exhibition Stuff

Last week was a total write-off for me as I was hit hard by the flu. I couldn’t draw a single line due to constant headaches, coughing, aches, and all that other fun stuff. Today’s the first day in a week where I woke up feeling good, so I decided to take advantage of that and dive into a new painting. This is for the second in the series of group exhibitions called Artboy VS Fanboy which is taking place at Artboy Gallery in a couple of months. The first theme in the series was Video Games and was a lot of fun. This time around it’s Comics, which has me even more excited. Here’s an in progress snapshot of my painting, a 60cm x 90cm acrylic of Daredevil. The photo’s a big blurry as I’ve piled on the paint and it’s still drying so I couldn’t use the flash without the whole thing refle…

Daily Sketches

I got distracted last night and forgot to post up yesterday’s daily sketch. It’s now up, along with the sketch for today, at the Daily Sketch Gallery.

Exhibition and comic work are consuming the majority of my time at the moment, so rather than continue to jump around various locations online to post the same sketches up I’ll just be keeping them on my website from now on. This also means that my blog and RB journal can be used for other things instead of daily sketch dumping grounds :-)

It’s also the home of The Secret History Of Skullboy and a bunch of other stuff. I’ll be adding some older comic work up there soon as well. A few years ago I had a number of short stories published in a US anthology that’s no longer in print, so I’m in the process of giving the

Exhibition Journal And Spit Fires

For awhile my blog has been a dumping ground for daily sketches, which also go up on my main website, so it seemed kinda pointless. So from now until Sept 2011 the blog will become a journal focusing on my next exhibition, titled The Justice Will Be So Fantastic (I don’t expect anyone other than Zombie Rust to know the origins of that title straight off the bat, but I’ll be explaining it on the blog tomorrow when I post the first image from the show, which will be the main promo piece as well).…

I’ve been working on a few different things of late, mostly my own projects, and a few jobs for other people. Below is a cover that I finished today, for the second issue of the comic series Spit Fires (if you’re on Facebook then click on their name to go to their page, and tell ’em Matt sent ya)

Some Recent Stencils

I’ve been diving back into stencil work a lot lately in order to produce new pieces to go up at Artboy Gallery. While I generally create something new from scratch I also like to revisit older images to adapt into stencil art. Below are a few such images….…

The Gathering
90cm x 60cm wood panel
(since creating the original illustration/Photoshop image I’ve always wanted to do a larger stencil version, this one is a combination of acrylic and spraypaint)

Mystery Girl #1
50cm x 50cm canvas
(It’s always tricky working out the elements you need to leave an attachment for in order for the stencil to remain mostly in one piece, and on this one I ended up having the eye/cheek being a totally separate piece that I placed down before spraying)

Mystery Girl #2
25cm x 30xm canvas
One of my daily sketches,

Leroy Enters The Tattoo World

Earlier this year a nice gent from Finland emailed me to ask about using a particular Leroy illustration as the basis for a tattoo. We threw a few emails back and fourth and I ended up sending him a hi-res version of the piece he was interested in to use as reference.

A few days ago I received some photos of the finished tattoo (which covers are large part of his torso).

I dig this a lot :-)


Crippled Black Phoenix Tour Poster

In my head Crippled Black Phoenix provide the soundtrack to Leroy’s adventures, and now he’s on a promotional poster for the bands upcoming European tour (I used an existing image, adding a tonne of black and white ink splash to it).

This is one of my favourite things I’ve ever worked on, and there’s a lot more to come.


Leroy (Old Gear) Process Journal

I’m putting together a special Lonely Monsters poster featuring Leroy for a local comic shop (which will be given to anyone buying copies of Lonely Monsters from the store). I thought it would be fun to do a new illustration featuring Leroy in the gear he wore during LM.…

The reason I changed his outfit after LM wrapped up is simple enough, drawing that striped hoodie on a regular basis was a nightmare, which is why I swapped to the orange hoodie. After going orange I decided the old brown mask didn’t work as well anymore so I changed that to a washed out shade of blue. The jeans and long-laced sneakers stayed as they were.

It’s been awhile since I posted up a process breakdown so thought I’d do it with this (the final illustration will also be going on a t-shirt).

Step #1 – Rough Layou

Red Cross Art Sale Extended

After a few requests I’ve decided to extend my Red Cross Art Sale through to Friday (for those peeps who get paid later in the week). All profits from the sale of any items between now and Friday will be donated to the Red Cross. You can check out the available pieces HERE.



Red Cross Art Sale + T-Shirts!

As per my other post I’m going to be donating all profits from original art sales HERE for the next 3 days.

On top of this I’ll also be donating any money raised from t-shirt sales that also take place in the next 3 days.

I’ve sketched up the charity print I have planned, but with my schedule being a bit crazy right now I probably won’t get a chance to start working on the final design until later in the week. Once I do I’ll be making it available in a few different formats, and will also be selling the original art (I’m thinking of a silent auction for this, just need to check a few things out first).



Red Cross Art Sale!

For the next 3 days all profits from original art sales at my Etsy store will be donated to the Red Cross. Click HERE to check out what’s available.

I’m also working on a charity print, and may auction of the original art created for it. More info on that soon.



New Adventures

Music has always had a powerful influence on my life and art. Often when working on something I’ll be trying to capture the same feelings within my work that a particular song has on me. For some time now the most influential/inspirational music has been that of a band called Crippled Black Phoenix. Their music fills about 80% of my studio playlist, and with the themes and concepts being on a very similar wavelength to my own work I almost feel like they’re my studio partners.…

And now, in a way, they are. I’ve been working on pieces for a new exhibition built around their music, which has resulted in me now working with the band on their new album and also producing the below t-shirt design for their upcoming tour.

If you click on the above image it’ll take you to their FB page (with

4PMART Stuff

Unfortunately, due to a few bumps in the road over the last couple of months, 4PMART (the project being managed by my wife and I) has slowed down a little. We’ve continued to work on various things which have been developing nicely and have me really excited. Over the last few years I’ve had a quite a few of Leroy’s non-t-shirt wearing female fans ask about other clothing options. Well he’ll soon be making his way over to a range of hand-made dresses and skirts (as well as screen-printed bags and other things). 4PMART will also be the banner under which the first Leroy sculpted bust/statue will be released (which will be in the second half of the year).…

Over the last few years I’ve been self-publishing a few different art books, and have more on the way. These books will continue to

Comics + RB + Booze = Awesomeness

A huge thank you to the various Redbubble people who made it along to the FEC comics launch this afternoon/evening. It was a blast chatting with each and every one of you!

The turnout was great. As a lifelong comic freak it’s always exciting to see people getting interested and excited about the medium.

The copies of Lonely Monsters that were available all sold out, but for those in Melbourne who missed out we’ll have some info soon on when/where it will be available at retail outlets. Or you can visit FEC for online ordering info.

The evening also resulted in some fun creative collaboration discussion with one of my favourite artists (who is also on RB). But I’ll leave chatting about that for another time :-)



FEC Launch Update

Tomorrow (3pm – 7pm) I’ll be at The Little Mule Co. 19 Somerset Place in the Melbourne CBD with a bunch of other comic folks for the FEC comics launch.…

FEC has taken over publishing Lonely Monsters (which means I can spend less time dealing with ‘business’ stuff and more time focusing on making new comics). Unfortunately there have been some issues with the shipment and there will only be a small number of Lonely Monsters graphic novels available on the day (at this point in the journal please take a moment of your time to help me curse US Customs and Comixpress). To help fill this void I’ll have a tonne of prints and original art on hand.

We’ll also be taking orders for Lonely Monsters which will be shipped out to people the moment it arrives on our shores. Anyone who orders a copy on

Some Leroy Graffiti

I’ve previously produced a few Leroy stencils of my own, however I’ve never seen anyone else take my art for use as stencil graffiti before. A friend just sent me this photo they took of a piece of graffiti they recently spotted around Melbourne. It’s very surreal to see your art reproduced like this, kinda cool to see Leroy invading the streets (without me having to risk my own ass putting it their myself hehe).

Here’s the stencil in question…

Which appears to be a mash-up of 2 Leroy sketches, most notably this one…

Now I just want to go and spray one of my own next to it ;-)

ARTBOY VS FANBOY (Group Exhibition)

After having a break from exhibitions for a few months (which was much needed after somehow squeezing in 3 solo shows throughout 2010) I’m now diving back into it. Aside from the previously mentioned Ukulele Exhibition and FEC Comics Launch I’ll also have a brand new piece in the upcoming Artboy vs Fanboy exhibition (details below).

I’ll be there on the opening night and am really looking forward to seeing all the art that’s been produced for this show, it should be a blast. My contribution could best be described as goofy brutality.

Hope to see you there :-)

I’ve also started working on new pieces for another solo show, which will either be all illustration work, all stencil work, or a combination of the 2.


Skullciety Membership Print (well... stencil now)

I hit the printers today to pick up a few things. All my Leroy prints were fine, however the Skullciety Membership print had been given a white border (where it should have been a full-bleed image). Rather than go back to the printers I decided to take another approach and replace the print with a new stencil instead. I’ve always liked stencil work (even though it can be quite time consuming work) as each stencil feels like a unique piece within itself as they all turn out a little different from each other.

If you’re interested in buying a membership there are a few left, info can be found by clicking on the above image.



Upcoming Exhibition Stuff

This Saturday night at 303 High Street, Northcote (Victoria) I’ll have a piece in Pimp My MUF2, (below is a little snapshot of it, the Skullkulele).…

There are some great artists involved in this show, it should be a blast.

The following Saturday I’ll be at the official launch of FEC Comics along with a few other writers and artists who are producing comics for the publisher. FEC is managed by a good friend of mine, so it was an easy decision to leave Lonely Monsters in his care. There will be free booze, which means you might get to see me in full-blown-artistic-rant-mode! If so expect to hear the words ‘motherfuckers’ and ‘time ain’t made for wasting’ slurred repeatedly ;-)

Here are a few prints I’ll have with me on the day (I’ll also have a bunch of original Leroy pieces).

So if yo

Acrylic Clumps

It’s rare that I get the chance to do a lot of painting as most of my work is ink and watercolour based. However every now and then a project pops up that lets me drag out the acrylics (I’ve also started experimenting with oils of late, something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now).…

Anyone who knows my work will now that I have a fondness for textures, something that started as a subtle fondness but that slowly became a large part of my process. When it comes to acrylic painting my favourite part of the entire process is the first step, laying down that initial slab of paint, where I can throw down heavy chunks of paint and move it around freely without too much thought (whereas the following layers are all more focused on building up the actual image detail).

These random lumps of

Daily Sketch #78

This is what happens when you spend all morning with The Beatles ’White Album" on repeat (based on a random Charlie pic I from a ratty old book I have).

Daily Sketch #72 And Skullciety Update

Response to the Skullciety membership has been stronger than I anticipated, so if you’re still interested drop me a line as over half the places have been taken. You can find out more information here. The test-print for the membership pack will be arriving early in the week, as will all the badge sets. Membership cards hit the printers in the coming week as well.


Sketches Volume 1 Now Available

The first 124 page volume of daily sketches is now available. I’ve given each sketch the double-page treatment, with the full version of the sketch on the left page, and a close up on the right. 1 volume down, 5 to go :-)


Lonely Monsters + FEC Comics Launch In Melbourne

If you’re in Melbourne on Saturday March 5 at 3:00pm then why not pop into The Little Mule Co. (19 Somerset Place, Melbourne CBD) for the official launch of FEC Comics. I’ll be there with some other FEC creators where there will be plenty of comics, art, and t-shirts on hand. I’ll also have a bunch of Leroy originals for sale on the day (and a few random goodies to give away).…

With the first 2 printings of Lonely Monsters (featuring the first comic book appearance of Leroy) out of print FEC are now taking care of the publishing reigns (which is a good thing as self-publishing, while fun, can also be a very time consuming adventure). You can get your hands on the 3rd printing of LM by clicking on the below cover image.

It’s a slightly surreal feeling for me to look back on LM as I star

Daily Sketches And Hazard Clan iPhone Skins

Starting next week I’ll be adding more original daily sketches to my Etsy store (when you do 1 a day, on top of other art, it doesn’t take long for the pages to pile up). I’ve had people hit me up to buy the originals on the day they’re posted, which I’ll continue to do for anyone interested (you can drop me a Bubblemail to sort something out).

I"ve also started adding more work over at my Society6 studio.

"The Secret History Of Skullboy" Begins

When I decided to reboot my old LM2 webcomic I had a few things I wanted to do.…

1 – No Leroy (he’s busy in a new comic mini-series I’m working on).

2 – No Photoshop.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way anti-digital anything (and, to be honest, people who claim that any form of digital art isn’t ‘real art’ give me the shits). I often use Photoshop in my work, mostly in regards to applying colours and textures, but it’s always fun to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

So LM2 has mutated into ‘The Secret History Of Skullboy’. A new page will go up every fortnight (my schedule for this year is too crowded to try and do it weekly, and unlike 2010 I’ve decided to chase the elusive concept of ‘regular sleep’ this year) and it’ll be all pen and joyous messy ink work. Click on the below

Daily Sketch #45

After a hectic start to the year things are calming down a bit and I can finally get on top of a few things I’ve been wanting to do. This includes throwing some of these daily sketches up at my Etsy store in a couple of days (along with the first of the monthly limited edition print series that I’ll be doing throughout the year).

And tomorrow evening you can see the beginning of this….



The Old And The New

2010 was a pretty manic year and without question my most productive year to date. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a couple of leftover projects from last year and in doing so realised how much my approach to what I do and how I do it has changed. So in the downtime between wrapping those other things up I thought it’d be fun to go back to a few of my personal favourite pieces from the past and completely redo them from scratch.


4PMART + Leroy = This Production Design

4PMART is the label under which my wife and I will be releasing various handmade things starting this year. There will be shirts, dresses, skirts, bags, books and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Including this………..

A sculpted Leroy bust with cloth hoodie (so you can pull it up over his head for that extra menacing look).


10,000 Monkeys!

I just noticed that the below t-shirt recently jumped over 10,000 views, kinda trippy to think it’s been seen by so many people.

All my works combined have had over 180,000 views and I might have to have a virtual party when it hits 200,000. I can drink some virtual whiskey and make a virtual ass out of myself ;-)

Thanks to everyone who checks out and buys my art, it’s always appreciated.


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