How long can you go........

…….without creating something before you start to lose your mind?

We’ve had my parents staying with us since Xmas Eve and as a result I haven’t had the space or time to get any drawing done since they arrived. It’s the longest break I’ve had from creating anything for YEARS and it’s starting to take its toll. Art is such a giant part of my life (I spend anywhere between 10 – 16 hours a day in the studio) that to live a few days without it is quite difficult. We had an early start to the day though today, so hopefully they’ll crash out early tonight and I can get some drawing done ;-)

I’ve got a stack of messages and other things I need to catch up on as well, so for anyone waiting on responses to things I apologise for the delay and hope to get back into the full swing of things by the end of the week :-)

Hope you’re all having a wonderful festive season.


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