Green with envy: The series

Following on the footsteps of the positive responses to “Green with envy” (First image in this series) I thought I would share some more images from that sly looking green character, and add some background story.

To the casual passerby, it would have been easy to have missed this shy amphibian.
Well camouflaged, a green tree frog rests against the long flat leaves of a plant that is almost identical in colour to itself, and waits for the day to end.

On closer inspection, the frog appears to rest inside a small natural cavern of semitranslucent leaves. Combined with the mid afternoon sun, this cavern, created a natural amphitheatre, bathed in a green light that Dorothy and the people of the Emerald city would have been proud of.

I certainly did not wish to disturb the tranquility of the cave, and with the timid creature only measuring approximately 5cm in length, I needed to get up close and personal.
My new found friend graced me with his patience for the few moments I needed, while I hunched down and attempted to see from the perspective of a small amphibian, or its prey. What you see here in this series, is the result.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images, as much as I have capturing them.

Green with envy



Basking in the light

Up close

Afternoon nap

( Images can be made available for purchase, on request. )

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