Oh my!

Redbubble is a funny little thing. I’ve been here for a few months now, and hit five sales, yet I just can’t figure out how this community works.

  • My first tee. Time for Tea. Over 1000 views. Four sales.
  • My second tee. i like letters. About 200 views. One sale.
  • My third tee. harajuku. About 80 views. No sales.

Why is it that the first thing I put up sells and people check it out, yet the last thing feels so unloved?

Perhaps it is because my first work was more intricate than the last. Does the redbubble community dislike simplicity? I really have no idea.

I’m hoping to buy some AA tees myself and give screenprinting at home a shot, and am curious to see if the same shirts have the same ratios of popularity. Personally I hope so, as I really don’t want to be screenprinting all those colours in harajuku!

Well this may have been a terrible first journal entry. But at least I’ve started. Maybe I’ll write again sometime.

Oh, and if you look at my works, why not look at the less popular ones, give them a comment, make them feel loved.


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