Crooked Connections

While the great PR-firm, also known as the mainstream media, continues to focus on Barak Obama’s superficial connections to Bill Ayers and ACORN, little to no attention is being paid to the fringe groups and think tanks tied to both Republican candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin. On the surface, this might seem strange since the media is always hungry for lead stories concerning the electoral race which can be fed to their readers or watchers. What is truly bizarre is that so much time and ink has been used to spear ACORN for what amounts to a fraction of voting problems but has given far less consideration to the caging of eligible voters by Republican officials. To be honest, it seems puzzling that Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris along with Choice point are not being investigated by the FBI for the theft of the 2000 election. So since the corporate media has proven to be unwilling to focus on John McCain and Sarah Palin’s connections, all of which are far more blatant, here is a closer look at just some of the groups which propelled both candidates into their position of power.

Listening to Sarah Palin, her rhetoric consists of a barking hatred for Obama, Bill Ayers and this or that community group. She holds rallies which in many ways are reminiscent of lynch mob gatherings. It is no secret that those who go to see her are rabidly nationalistic so the climate at these events are set long before she even takes the stage. Palin must know that buzzwords like “terrorist”, “un-American”, and “unpatriotic” push her followers over to edge, into a mindless feeding frenzy. It becomes obvious when you read of audience members screaming “Kill him!” and other phrases right out of the Jim Crowe South. As the media reports the stories about Obama from which Palin draws her material and yet fails to mention her own connections to highly questionable groups, we certainly understand the great fiction which Palin surrounds herself with.

Meet the Alaskan Independent Party (AIP), the very group which Sarah Palin has to thank for getting her where she is today. According to an article entitled “Meet Sarah Palin’s Radically Right-Wing Pals,” by Max Blumenthal and David Neiwert of, the basis of the party is to secede from the Union and all the agencies that govern it. The group has wrapped themselves in the far right wing view of family values and the elimination of all taxes, even those that go towards the very infrastructure of our country. Many of the group are armed to the teeth with high powered rifles and former Soviet sides to ward off the “New World Order,” and what they call, “the 48” which refers to the continental Unites States. Two notably names in the group are Mark Cryson and Steve Stoll. Both were key players of AIP in getting Sarah Palin elected Mayor of Wasilla. Both were key fundraisers and organizers. While their AIP is a fringe group, they had a direct line to the town’s Mayor’s office while Palin held the position there.

While Mayor of Wasilla Sarah Palin helped Cryson pass legislation in the state that altered the local constitution to adopt anti-tax, pro-gun initiatives which would benefit anti-government militias. According to the article, “She attempted to name Stoll, a John Birch Society activist known in the Mat-Su Valley as ‘Black Helicopter Steve,’ to an empty Wasilla City Council seat.” Palin also allowed members of AIP to come in and out of her office with very little restriction. For more on her and the Independent Party Of Alaska check out the link below.

John “straight talk,” “maverick,” McCain is not without his ties to highly questionable think tanks. During the early 1980s, John McCain launched his political career while sitting the board of the Ultra Right Wing group, “U.S. Council for World Freedom.” The organization has long been known for being behind the overthrow of several left leaning Governments in South and Central America by arming local death squads but its greatest scandal to date was aiding the Contras during the Iran arms deals, an affair that got them into trouble with the IRS who later revoked the group’s charity status.

The council was started by Nazi sympathizer retired Army Maj. Gen John Singlaub who was a point man for right wing death squads in South and Central America. Singlaub, according to a yahoo news report, takes some credit for teaching McCain the political ropes which he used once he was elected to the Senate. McCain has claimed that he resigned from the group as early as 1984 and asked for his name to be removed from the group’s list in 1986 but recently uncovered documents show he was still very much involved with the group in 1985. An IRS record from that year has confirmed the finding that he was still council member for the group and still active. And according to the report, “In October 1985, a States News Service report placed McCain, Rep. Tom Loeffler, R-Texas, and an Arizona congressman at a Washington awards ceremony staged by the council.”

By one account, he was also a council member for Singlaub after being elected to the Senate. After being elected to the Congress, John McCain voted for every action against Communist groups in South Americas including the support of arming the death squad, the Contras of Nicaragua, “a CIA-organized guerrilla force. In 1984, Congress cut off military assistance to the rebels.” The operation, headed by John Poindexter and Robert McFarlane, lead to a massive drug trade used to fund weapon sales to Iran. According to former DEA agent Michael Levine much of the drugs produced under the Contras wound up being consumed by the youth of the United States. In several articles, Michel Levine has mapped out exactly where those drugs wound up in the streets of every major U.S. city for the entire decade. He has also called for the prosecution of Oliver North and those others involved with the Contra project.

So when we talk about past connections, the mainstream media would be well advised to give equal time to both sides. Barack Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers begins and ends with the fact that they sat on the same chairing committee on housing, along with several former Reaganites. But this fact does not seem to matter in a time where truth takes a back seat to getting elected.

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Crooked Connections


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