Memo to self Coco! Lots of Coco!

Well, it’s now 6:34 in the morning and I just got in from an 12 hour excursion in the first snows to hit the District. It’s 24 degrees and everything is DEAD! Every piece of equipment that I own is sitting on the floor defrosting. The only thing that saved the night is that I always bring my backup. A Canon F-1, which I place all the lenses from my other system on to. I really love modular systems and the Tamron system allows me to switch towards whatever I happen to be utilizing.
So, 8 batteries later and one paper weight (that being the other camera which I won’t mention here cause I really like it) I think that I got a few images that may be worthy of printing as soon as I’m back in the darkroom.
Today, as soon as I’m up trip 2 will begin,
The ice
The snow
The wind
Eight replacement meal bars
Two energy drinks
One thourghly frozen F-1
One cable release
One tripod
One flashlight -(mandatory)
And my i-pod cause these exposures are running about an hour and a half!!!

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