Red Banded Tarantula

I love tourist, really, I do. You ever get mesmorized watching some of them set up a flash picture for a scene that is over two miles away. I imagine everything between them and their photographic endeaver totally vaporized in an instant. Which is why I love this picture. It was taken in the museum lit totally by flash and a mirror. The tourist stared in awe. I used a spot meter and an off camera flash with a dedicated cord set at 5.6 in auto, a tamron 90mm micro on a Nikon F-4. I was setting there for 20 min’s waiting for it to move when someone tapped on the glass. Scared me soo bad to see a spider magnifyed at ten times it’s normal size moving through the viewfinder!!! Talk about a face that only a mother could love! I’m going to try it head-on next time. Oh, yeah, as for the flash. It was aimed at 45 degrees placed next to the glass and a mirror was used to bounce the light onto the background and add contrast to the spider. My hand was used to block unwanted llight from the lens.

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