The note I recieved today when picking up my work

“Dear Mathew;

Thank you for your participation in Advanced Diploma Fine Arts exhibition for 2008.

The exhibition was admired by Phil Cox, the Hunter Institute Director and your work in particular.

Phil Cox has selected your artwork “Soul Biopsy” (cat# 36) to be included in an exhibition titled “Director’s Choice” to be held in the Council Room in Director’s Unit at Newcastle Campus.

If you are happy to be part of this exhibition please confirm with us and we can hold your work at Hunter St Campus until the hanging at the beginning of next year. The work will be hung in early February and the exhibition will last a month. There will be a small function with the Director to which you will be invited.

Only 12 artworks have been selected for this exhibition. If your work has already been sold we request that the new owner allow us to borrow it for this short period.

I look forward to hearing from you."

:D Haha, I was pretty ecstatic. To get perspective on the selection, there was about 25 artists in the exhibition and 73 artworks. So only 12 of those were picked. (Feels a little special haha).

The work I did was a photo emulsion on canvas work, nude self portrait. I won’t be able to post an image of it up anytime soon unfortunately, maybe sometime next year in March when I get it back :P

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