Adelaide, Australia

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Like the rain.

Love me like the rain / and let me whisper. / And I will love you like the rain / And to you I will listen.

The inner complexities of seeking self

because being somebody may mean becoming somebody else.

The ghosts of my house are alive.

It inspires us to lock our doors, / stow away the cups we own, / and hoard our food.

The grandest of achievements.

Today I spent money / I looked for a job / I found a nest / I entered my home / I smiled / I coughed / I sneezed / I baked / I read twenty…

Learning to study


Brother of Mine

Oh, Brother, Brother of mine / We will grow old together. / Oh, Brother, Brother of mine / I love you from now until forever.

I love you.

Give me the feet of a wren / and they will hop to land in your hand / Deliver me your caress, warm and gentle to the touch / and I forget e…

Aging is a long forgotten process.

There is just too much / life / to remember.

Slow minds make for slow work

The cogs of and wheels of her mind turn round and round as she thinks of what to write. For weeks now she has been stuck for interesting wo…

Circular thinking

things / that / are / only / possible / if / a / person / is / passionate.

Its not boredom, its freedom to think.

Interesting thoughts for once followed through / to the point where they become another entirely / while looking at chips on the old, worn …

Little smiles.

Don’t / lets / pretend / I / want / this / to be as / real / as / we / can make it.

Hidden at the bottom of the drawer



Within the hatred was also fear / of the next action he would take / but at this point / he didn’t know what it would be.


or create attachments

A great and true love.


Somebody better than me.

Sometimes, I find myself wishing that I was her, / Practicing her signature / Sketching mirror images of who I believed her to be / Mirror …

Breathe deep, and you shall be free.

Sadness is the bodies way of highlighting the happy days.

Every time you go / I see your face reflected in mine / It hurts

the second installment of a ruined mind

If you havent read the first installment (a broken heart), please go there first.

The first installment of a broken heart

‘Its hot. I cant think straight. Dont make me talk to you, I dont need to talk to you. All I want is to lie next to you. Can’t …

You should learn to know me.

I have three fears. / One. / Feet. Completely irrational, I know, but just the word makes my heart race and my skin crawl. I dont even like…

the love of a girl once gone.

I don’t love you

drought in her eyes

the guarded soul / that held the rain back / for so long / has just been let loose

comfortable silence

I sometimes stay up late / to be early for the sunrise / I wait for you to come home

i never know what to say to you

i have no feelings for you now / none at all / not the faintest liking, not the strongest hate. there is nothing.

the ever twirling of a sick heart

now, i am just a doll on his wall / a picture / a way to say, / i was loved, / but i didnt care

invisibility is not a happy world

dancing on the tips of the toes / im not happy / swaying with the bending of my hips / im not happy / falling with the lightest breeze / im…

we live in fear

of the next day / of aging / of love / of life / of hopes / of dreams / of emotion / why cant we all let it be, / accept it / and live in t…

collapse. / After weeks of abuse, verbal, horrible, unforgiving / mortally bruised, tired through every bone, / terrified, / destroyed, / …

smile with the corners of my eyes

you could not have made me happier / you were just you, and you made me smile. / thank you. / for being here / for keeping me company / eve…


Death is just a design / created / but never destroyed / it is perfectly made / beautiful / fearsome / powerul / before death, truth is fou…

Give me wings

draw me a picture / a picture of me / a picture of your favorite creation / of your favorite friend, please. / i want to be as real as you.…

quiet climber

Girl on a piano - Hollow violin by math-ilda

inside, the tiger prowls

The tiger has always been with her, just out of reach.

made for you

the delicacies of our financial consumption / consume us from inside out / whiddling away at our brains / until we struggle to see much el…

A conversation with ones mind

It has sucked all the life out of me /                 &nbs…

and the fairies welcomed me home

I re-visited my garden today / and the fairies welcomed me home. / I saw things I didn’t expect to see, / and faded memories reminded…
I went for a walk in the garden today, and the faeries welcomed me home. by math-ilda Calendar they spread the feelings of the world by math-ilda the bird that stalks the garden by math-ilda the senses have awoken by math-ilda Untitled by math-ilda as bright as the electric lights by math-ilda spring opens the curtains for the light  to seep through by math-ilda house of magic by math-ilda curl of love by math-ilda dip your feet in the sky, and they come back blue. by math-ilda stairs to a birds nest castle by math-ilda Untitled by math-ilda my favorite hats by math-ilda

It all forms from one seed

when / you / were / young. / one single thought / an imagining.
Like little snowdrops, they twirl in the wind by math-ilda I went for a walk in the garden today, and the faeries welcomed me home. by math-ilda Yellow suns under a rising moon. by math-ilda She sleeps in her cage, till the sun invites her out. by math-ilda Darkness at nightfall invites you to dance by math-ilda The winding, twisting pathways of life by math-ilda

Picture me.

I can see why the birds would want me / with my shiny dark brown hair / cropped short to keep the popular girls at bay / (and secretly I li…

Memory of an old piano.

The piano’s gap toothed smile welcomed newcomers and old visitors, / never growing old itself / After some time, it was forgotten, / …

Tomorrow they will….

Together, / they walked hand in hand. / Smiling, they looked in awe / up at the history / surrounding their / eager, meager existence. / Th…


The man sat down, / began to play. / His body moved with the music, / he played a memory / from his treasured / past. / A song he rarely ch…

untitled #1

only an education from / his lonely / mother

two. CREEK

can you hear the creek trickling? Like a girl telling a secret in a language so similar to our own. / Whistling on the happy days / Whisper…

one. OCEAN

that sighing sound is just the sea / relentless, it is always there / always will be. / although lately it seems to be encroaching on the h…

Go on, give it a go.

Place a piece of paper in your hand. / do it. / please do it. / seriously. / done? good. / Now, try to pick it up, only using your other ha…

Only a lonely soldier plays his drum.

sometimes, crying is the only way. /                  …

A sad story for a happy day

if the boy could fly too, / fly that high / he would be free

the drum sits, alone /                    &n…

end, begin.

listening to a sunset, / witnessing a song.

and she dances on the cusp of his imagination.

he dreams of these wishes, / and all the time, / she dances on the cusp of his imagination


once upon a time, / a time i choose to name illusion / an event happened / that changed the world / or only her world / a world in itself …

funeral in my mind

The feet of the mourners trampling the ground, stirring up the dust, the forgotten memories thrown aside to be reviewed later, from a dista…

relax, /       smile, /             laugh, / &nbs…


Forgive me, for I exist / Forgive me, for I am here, / Forgive me, I need you to, / But I will never ask you to forgive me for what I have …


One day you will be like them, here in this park, smiling, happy, playing games. / But today you are content just to watch, and listen, an…

the body of innocence

I left innocence for someone else to find. / A dog, a cat, or some other night walker.

Her creation

If the world is his, / then why cannot a small corner be hers, / and hers only, / it is such a big place. / could she not have created some…

Could it be real?

It was as difficult, uncomfortable and awkward as she had imagined, and yet she found it the most comforting and exquisite moment of her li…
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