Adelaide, Australia

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‘Imagination is more important than knowldge. For knowledge is limeted to what we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the whole world, and all there ever will be to know and understand’
Albert Einstein.

I enjoy the truth Art shows to us all, although it can also lead us through its pathways of deception, the emotion within is true to someone.
I am a writer, and enjoy writing all sorts, dabbling with difference.
every work I place here is a different peice of me, an extension of me and a belief of my own. If you dont trust that belief, fell free to tell me, as i am very interested in the beliefs of others and others truths.
Truths. An important word to me, and i feel that a life without honesty, straight out, is not worth writing about, talking about and will not be easily remembered.

Here on redbubble, i just type. I dont visit regularly, but i type, and type.
My thoughts are poured out, my feelings, my words,
I tend not to re read my work for another day or so, so that i am no longer in the mood, the flow that i was the day before and can analyse wht i have done with a clear mind.

Really it shouldnt matter, but my friend suggested I start doing this, so here goes
Featured work;

And she dances on the cusp of his imagination – 22 September (Young Enthusiasts)
Forgiveness – 1st September 2009 (Young Enthusiasts)
Happiness – 26th August 2009 (Artists of redbubble)
An observation – 24th August 2009 (1620)
Humanity – 16th August 2009 (Young Enthusiasts)
The call never came – 5th August 2009 (Vibration in art and verse, VAVOOM)
The call never came – 5th August 2009 (All out emotion)
Poppy lane – 28th July 2009 (Young Enthusiasts)
Poppy lane – 26th July 2009 (All Out Emotion)
In wait – 24th June 2009 (Young Enthusiasts)

You can join me on facebook – its new to me, but just search Mathilda Barnes and there you go!

  • Age: 27
  • Joined: April 2009


Afraid of sinking.

Soon, I will be taking a big step in my life. / Somehow, this step has brought me back to you. / I seem to find that when I am feeling the deepest of emotions, / I come here. / I have to translate those emotions into words. / If I don’t, I am scared they may overwhelm / Take over / Choke me. / So I come to you / and I share. / Soon / I will / take a big step / a leap / a jump / hopefully to…
Posted about 8 years – 2 comments

I thank you.

I just wanted to mention something I noticed today, / one of my peices, ‘and she dances on the cusp of his imagination’ has made it to 158 views. That little piece, all on its lonesome, has made it to such great heights. / Seeing that reminded me that I dont thank you all enough for reading what I do here. / I just write from my heart, and take it straight from there to pen, and for …
Posted over 8 years – 1 comments

Looking for a new lucky host!

My best friends group, the ‘young enthusiasts’, is looking for a new host. Both she and I are leaving for countries on the other side of the world in just over two weeks, and part of the ‘deal’ of being an exchange student is that we don’t spend too much time on the computer. This means that she must look for a replacement host. / ‘young enthusiasts’ is a…
Posted about 9 years – Leave a comment


When I write, I tend to write in shapes. My journals are full of spirals, twists and turns, and I have always dreamed of sharing that with you all here. Recently, I came across a technique (with some help from some very kind people) that allows me to do this. / To let you all in on the secret, heres how! / Start with your poem/verse/story / for example; / the drum sits, alone / sometimes he liked…
Posted about 9 years – 3 comments
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