Whether you believe or not

Today I heard that Michael Crichton died. I have read him since I was a teenager,and always felt a weird kind of connection to him (past life?) but one event made me feel a bigger connection with a man I will never meet in life.

I was reading his book “Travels”, which is wonderful and contains many descriptions of his exploration of his psychic self as well as his worldly excursions. I became suddenly obsessed with tornadoes and created several works involving tornadoes, including flying cows and other farmland imagery. One of those pieces, “A Change of Circumstances”, is a result of that flurry of work. My tornado obsession died down and I went on to other things.

Several weeks later, I happened upon a tiny blurb in the paper announcing M.C.’s “Twister” project and I got an eerie feeling that he and I had been harvesting ideas together in that big plane where creative ideas float around waiting for us to grab them. I had found his images and put them on canvas and paper.

Maybe you will think I’m a kook, but he was also a bit of a kook, and I had always hoped to relay this tale to him, knowing it would be well within his ability to get it.

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