"Life Through My Father's Eyes"

“Feed my sheep”, my father says. “What do you mean? I have no sheep”. Again he says, “Feed my sheep”, and once more I say, “Father, I have no sheep”. Alas he says, “Come, take a walk with me”. So we walk through the streets of my neighborhood.

The streets are quiet except for the sound of children’s laughter and the chirping of birds. I can hear the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, feel the warmth of the sun on my face and I can hear the water running through a stream in the distance.

“Look around you” he says “what do you see”? I look up at him and his eyes are warm as he looks back at me and smiles. “I see grass and houses and cars and…” He stops me and once again asks me, “What do you see”? Now confused, I look around once more, this time I notice the children in their yards playing, with their friends, pets and even some with their mothers and fathers.

I tell my father and he replies “what else do you see”? As I look around this time, I can see into the houses. I see children eating dinner at the table with their families. I see them being hugged, and sitting on their fathers lap while he reads them a bedtime story. I see them on their knees praying at their bedsides being hugged as they are tucked warmly, safe and secure into their beds and their parents telling them that they love them as they smile and leave the room. I then tell my father, that they look happy and loved.

As we walk a little further, the scene changes. The birds stop chirping, the grass isn’t as green, and there is yelling and crying and people fighting. My father asks me once again, “what do you see”? I look again, and this time I see, children sitting alone on the porch of their home, with tear streaked faces, holding their hands to their ears, trying to muffle the sound of their mother and father yelling from inside the house. You can hear stuff breaking as it is being thrown.

I see groups of kids, some listening to loud music, smoking, cursing, and I see a child being bullied and pushed around in the middle of a circle of other children laughing and yelling and pointing. I see kids breaking windows in cars and then running away so they don’t get caught, but laughing as if it were no big deal.

I look into the houses, the scenes are different. I see some children eating by themselves at a table while the parents are eating on the couch and watching TV. I see them standing at their father’s feet asking him to read them a story as he replies with out even a glance up from his newspaper, “not now, I’m busy” or “later”. I see a child cowering in a corner next to a chair as his mother is yelling and shaking her finger at him and I see the terrified look in his eyes.

All these things that I see make me very sad. As I look up at my father, he wipes a tear from my eye. He smiles at me and says, let’s walk some more.

A few moments pass and my father asks me once more to tell him what I see. This time as I look around, I don’t recognize where I am. I am in a far away place. There are no houses or grass, it’s hot as the sun bears down on us and there is little shade. I see hunger and disease, I see sadness and heartache. I see helplessness and then I hear the sound of sorrow. I hear a baby crying. I hear a mother wailing as she holds the tiny lifeless body in her arms and rocks it back and forth…Then my father shows me more.

As we continue to walk through the streets, there are no beds, no birds chirping, children are working instead of playing. There are no smiles, no laughter, and no tables with families eating at them. There are no stores to shop for groceries, no restaurants to eat in, no television, no radios…

There are flies that cover the faces of children and adults as some lay on the ground, to weak from starvation to move or to shew the flies away. Their eyes are sad and empty and their skin serves no purpose other than that of a bag, in which holds the skeletal frame of their bodies.

As I look into my fathers eyes, I see sadness and tears, and I can see the look of mercy and compassion.

My father reaches out and picks up a baby to weak to open his eyes or move. He cradles the infant in his arms and he says “I love you”. At the mere sound of my fathers’ voice, the baby’s eyes open, and for a brief moment, I see a smile on his tiny face. I then watch as life leaves the little baby still lying in my fathers arms and I see him place the tiny body into the arms of the most beautiful angel who then cradles the tiny baby is if he were her own.

My father looks back at me once more, and he again says “feed my sheep”.

It was at that moment… that I realized that he wanted me to help his children. He wanted me to feed the hungry… give rest to the weary… comfort the sad… help the helpless… and clothe the needy.

My father had taken me on a journey, that would forever change my life, and he gave me the rare and precious opportunity to see “life through my father’s eyes”.

"Life Through My Father's Eyes"


Muskogee, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

My heart pours the words HE has given me. To spread the message and touch those hearts that might possibly make a difference.

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