About description of artwork and why I'm deleting all of them after I'm done here

Why I’m writing this, just showed my boyfriend my latest drawing, and after seeing it he said oh I like it, it’s very good(duuuh what else?)…., but what does it mean? I’m really disapointed here, do people really need things spelled out for them, are we so used having everything packed and delivered that we can’t be bothered to sit down and spend a minute trying to understand.He’s an artist and I know he can think, I’ve seen him do it, so, out of practice maybe?

For me art is language, is my way of communicating with the rest of you out there, now some people get along and some don’t, I’m interested in people that think and reason, people that want to find out and decipher the message, curiosity is such an important trait in people, why stop exercising that, people will just get used to being told what to think.

Art is emotion, if what i was thinking about when i was drawing something doesn’t get through, maybe I’m not good enough, maybe we have different points of view, maybe there’s more to it than I even know, opera perta, art that speaks for itself, and has more than one meaning, people are subjective, they feel and understand things differently, if I write there, what that drawing is about then you know and I have no idea if what I’ve done is actually as powerful as it’s supposed to be.How will I connect to anyone through it?

There should be a standard set and people should be encouraged to think for themselves and not just trust my word, and maybe those 2 sticks represent the duality of nature, good and evil and so on, honestly they do, it’s not just 2 freaking sticks that are lifeless and pointless and if someone bought you a picture with no instructions you’d think it’s crap, I can write a description and find a meaning to anything, want to try me out, do it, send me a random image and I’ll come up with a deep powerful meaning to it, I am that good at bs.

Have a wonderful day.

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