The Westboro baptist church and stuff like religion and freedom of speech

So, if you’ve never heard of these people let me sum everything up for you.

A while ago a civil rights lawyer decided to start his own religion based on bits of the bible he fancied best and now about 50 years later his whole family ( around 70 ) have started picketing funerals of dead soldiers and others with a simple message, god hates everyone in the world because we tolerate homosexuals and everything that’s wrong in this world is their fault, so basically we’re all going to hell because some people are gay.That’s about it.To fully grasp the magnitude of this you should probably watch some youtube videos with them.

Where does the fun start and why should we even care?I care, and not because I personally have soft spot for gays, one step at a time.I like diversity and accept other people’s beliefs, my best friend is a homofob and sexist, that’s just how he feels it’s more or less the difference between prefering red over blue or heels over flats, die gustibus non disputandum.Does the bible actually say something about gays? Yes it kinda does, back in the old days when god apparently enjoyed watching torturing his faithful believers.I’m not gonna start the bible talk because it would take too long.Everyone is intitled to speak their mind and promote their beliefs, cuckoo as those may be.All these considered why can’t I just accept these people and move on, stop wasting time on youtube and stop boring you to death with this.Well it’s really simple and I’ll try to make it short.They are dangerous, there are some people that adhere to their ideas and some that resent them. Today in the world we live in there is no place for racial, religious or sexual discrimination, the diversity and multitude of people makes it impossible, in the end it will die out, there will always be conflicts between people but that’s it, therefore their efforts are futile and against the natural course of things.They inspire hatred, in both groups, whether you like them or not that’s the end result, if you’re with them then you hate everyone else if you’re not you hate people like them or god or religion or even freedom of speech.After posting up signs that say “thank god for 9/11” “thank god for dead kids” and the ever present “god hates everyone” the public is pretty numb, you can pretty much do anything after that , they are breaking the boundaries of social interaction and in the end common decency, what follows is anarchy and we are too many to afford it.They are using their kids in protests, kids that can’t even talk are taught their first words: hate, fags(and i don’t mean ciggaretes), hell.Those kids are being brainwashed, exploited and denied basic human rights.Most of them are lawyers ( I know, it sounds like a horror film already), about 11 lawyers in one family and more to come, they provoke people and then sue them for money, that’s how they make a living.I can’t think of any place on earth where crashing a funeral is accepted, I think that’s one thing the world agrees on, death is not be fooled around with, and funeral rites are sacred.All in all the most disturbing is the sheer stupidity of their message, gay people have damned everyone to hell (imagine that hell, :)), that would be fun) .There are some that might argue that by talking about them you’re actually helping in spreading their message, like all publicity is good publicity, that may be true in some cases but I don’t think these people should be ignored, they are dangerous, history has taught us wars get started like this.

So, that’s about it. I didn’t want to go into detail too much(:))). Have a nice day everyone.

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