Marti Schmidt

Santa Rosa Beach, United States

Artist/Printmaker Marti Schmidt combines ancient art forms with modern impressionism and adds texture, images and silhouettes that evoke...


I LOVE WHAT I DO!! And for many years (my whole life actually) though other aspects of my life changed, ART has been the one thing in my life that has held together. It has brought me happiness and excitement. It gave me peace and sanctuary when needed and it let me reach for the stars in the dark. It gave me a purpose and direction on life’s path.

HOWEVER…lately I have been creatively blocked! Yep, not one new idea has developed in months, a few whispers of possible directions but nothing in the way of a concrete vision.! I Think it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Now , That’s new for me


So I am regrouping for while, not quitting, not retiring , just resting.

To ponder the past and think about the next phase ~

Which is exciting really!


First. I will close my gallery here at the house in Santa Rosa Beach,Florida and offer the artwork to my collectors at great prices, because this work is really good and needs to be in the homes of my most supportive peeps.

Second. I will spend some time finding and adding more great galleries in cities to represent me. You may be getting some invitations throughout 2014.

Third. I will play in the studio, light the candles, play my music, try to entice the muse,but most importantly give myself a break from the business of ART.

because when I think about it…

ART is not what I do, it’s who I am.


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