Mars Attack Part 14 " The Killings"


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“The Killings”

Who the hell are you?
I said don’t come closer your pissing me off!
You ain’t no local I know every mother fucker that live’s here so who the hell are you mister?
Who the hell am I ?
Damn don’t you know your own cousin Bobby?
You momma told me you was out here with your buddy Jim drinking or something so I popped out here to see ya!
Bobby Ray? Your Bobby Ray hell its been 10 years since I last saw you!
Damn you done went and growed up! Hell you was a runt back then and look at you now you bigger than Duke and he’s the biggest Mother fucker here !
How big are you BobbyRay?
6’7" and damn near 300 pounds of pure muscle!LOL
And Ain’t no lady ever walked away from me unhappy!
Damn BobbyRay you just like your daddy was!
What the hell you doing out here so far from home?
Well Daddy was taken by the lord and momma done ran off with some local Elvis impersonator.
And my sister Debbie she’s done gone and got a family so all I had there was a one way ticket to nowhere so here I am!
Well God Damn you were one hell of a pitcher you gonna go to school out here too?
Damn Bob I been out of school for damn near 5 years now! I was working in the factory building them Ford truck engines but the place closed down!
So I didn’t see no chances out there so I called your momma last week and she said to come on out here for awhile. She said she could use an extra hand with the plowing and picking.
Well damn you, this is gonna be one hell of a picking season!
And guess what? You and me gonna be picking some cherries off the town square tonight after dinner!LOL
So where’s Bill at?
He was hiding behind the truck over there waiting to jump Duke!
Oh you thought I was Duke?
Yea we was gonna string his ass up in the barn and then strip him down and hose him off with some Cow piss!
I bet he would of put up a real fight before he let you two do that!
Well it would of been like old days just grab his ears and he was finished! Yea he had the biggest ears in town!
“Two men laughing”
Come on lets look for Bill.
So you say he was behind that truck there?
Yea, well lets do this you go this way and I’ll go that way and we’ll jump him!
And then we’ll hang him up and have a good old laugh!
Oh hell yea BobbyRay! I got a sack in the truck so you wait a minute and I’ll fetch it !
“Man running to truck!”
Damn BobbyRay’s back in town thats gonna be real fun, hot damn!
Ok here it is!
“man running back”
Ok here it is you take it and I’ll distract him ok and when he’s looking at me you throw the sack over his head and then we take him in the barn!
On three you go that way and… I know you go that way!
Now get ready!
One ,Two ,Three go!
Two men running towards red Dodge pickup.
Both arrive at the same time and are looking around.
Damn BobbyRay where the hell is he?
Got me maybe he’s under the truck take a look Bill.
Damn fool can’t be under the truck maybe he’s that way!
“As Bill turns his head to look”
What the Fuck!! BobbyRay this ain’t no time to be fooling around!
Hell we suppose to be getting Jim and you standing here putting the sack over my head damn your so stupid!
Well its not really me who’s the stupid one cousin!
oh one thing Bill I ain’t your stupid cousin! And I ain’t your family!
Then who the hell are you?
Someone your gonna be real close to real soon!
You an me we’re gonna be like family !
Well your gonna be like a proud mother soon enough!
What the fuck you talking about?
Hey get your hands off me mother fucker!
Damn you get your hands off me!
“Loud noise and air coming out of Bill”
Oh shit that hurt!
Oh thats all? well heres another one I think this ought to do the trick!
“Real loud crack like bone breaking”
Oh yea now thats good!
You gonna make a real good mother!

End of part 14

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