Mars Attack Part 11 "From Space they Came"


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Ok Ok Ok Ok Shanina can you hear me now?
I can’t understand a thing your saying your talking in some strange language.
Hey Alan how long she been this way?
Its been since she saw that plant and started to freak out!
Hey Dave come here and take a look that plants moving and its making sounds.
Yea it sounds just like the ones that this woman makes.
I think she’s speaking to that plant she’s not in a trance.
Well not the type that you and I know this is like some Voodoo dance.
Hey Alan where’s that video recorder lets get this all on video,
And then if she’s not too sure of what it said we can play it back to her.
Hey Trudi how’s my wife is she feeling better?
Yep Romo’s with her in your room they were laughing when I left them.
So what’s you take on the plant’s why are they all talking.
I think its got to be them things that came from outer space.
Alan ? Alan? Can you hear that noise outside?
Yep its strange I can’t make out what it is I think I’ll take a look.
Hey Trudi I’ll go with Alan you stay with Shanina and if she starts to make a move you call me but don’t leave her.
Hey Alan wait for me I wanna see this too.
So tell me Alan whatta ya think is this woman ok or is she a little strange.
Well Dave she seemed ok to me but what’s strange?
I sit with my rubber ducks in the pool some people would think thats strange.
Lets just wait an see just what she comes up with.
Dave hear that? Its getting louder like a storm is coming but no wind.
Look out there its coming from the west.
What is it can you make it out or is it just some bird ?
Hey Alan I’ll run in the house and get my camera out!
And maybe you tell Mike to come and see what he thinks this is.
But do one thing don’t talk to my wife about this she’s finally laughing with Romo.
Hey Mike Dave wants to talk to you he’s out on the front lawn.
Oh and take your camera with you I think this will be a RedBubble moment.
What are you talking about Alan?
Just go out with your camera and be quiet about this thing.
Hey Dave what’s all the secrets about Alan’s making me nervous!
Well take a look way out there and tell me what you see?
Looks to me like a couple of birds flying in between the clouds.
Thats right but when have you ever seen birds fly that high and that fast?
And what the hell is that noise thats winding in my ears?
I hear it too and thought it was the wind coming in the house and that was all.
But now that you mention it and were standing here, I think its coming from that direction from where those birds are flying.
Take a look with your lens and tell me what you see now?
Humm its two for sure I can tell you that and Dave they ain’t no birds.
Here take a look at this my friend I think its them again.
Oh damn just when my wife’s calmed down here they come again.
Look you go in and turn the music on and make a lot of noise.
Well Shanina’s doing that my friend have you forgotten her?
Oh damn I had what was she doing ?
Well she was still talking to that thing but like she’s in a trance.
She started moving in small circles and pointing with her hand.
An damn if that plant wasn’t doing the same thing.
Stuck in a pot but waving its leaves the same as she did with her hands.
She say anything at all?
Nope just standing shaking her arms and moving like the wind.
Well go back in and leave the camera and send Alan out to me.
Hey Dave what’s going on out here you and Mike have been talking real intense.
Its nothing Ajax its ok I we were wondering about that lady.
Oh she seems fine Karen says she’s seen her do this before!
So we can relax its part of her plant thing so lets just wait an see.
Hey Dave?
Yea Ajax?
What’s that noise?
What noise?
Come on don’t play games I have great ears!
Well I’ll tell you and please be quiet about this ok ?
Sure promise.
Take a look at this see right out there way way back in the clouds between them two trees?
Yea, Oh shit its them!
Yep and their coming real fast!
Its two of them big it seems thats over a hundred miles away and I can see them clearly.
Well Ajax I think we need to get them all out here whatta ya think about that?
Well we can’t act like nothings going on can we?
Well I wanted to keep my wife relaxed but I guess she’s gonna have to just deal with this.
Well she seems happy now that her sisters here don’t you think?
Yea so it seems.
Can you go in an ask them to come out and bring that woman and tell Mike to bring the big lens he likes to look at the neighbors with two blocks away.
And while your in there maybe can you make some coffee?
I think Karen’s got some on the stove I know she’s use to her Latte machine.
We’ll go get that tomorrow!
Hey Mike Dave wants you to bring that Peeping Tom lens you have out to him!
What Peeping Tom lens ?
You know the one you look two blocks away at the neighbors walking around naked.
Oh that one yea and he said fast!
And one more thing ? You been looking at me too?
No unless your the one wearing the pink outfit!
See ya outside you pervert !LOL
No the guy in the pink outfit is the perv.
Hey Mike who’s got a pink outfit?
Oh some guy 2 blocks away from here Fred.
Oh you like Pink outfits too!
Hey were you making a house call down the street last week?
I’ll never kiss and tell Mike unless you wanna come too!
(Fred Laughing) Mike I got just the little number for you!LMAO
Hell no Fred thats not my thing unless its attached to some little honey dancing a slow dance.
Hey I gotta go Dave wants my lens so I’ll see you later delivery boy!LOL
(Mike running) Hey Dave I’ll be right back its in my basement.
Hurry up its getting closer I can see it better its about the size of a dime.
Damn Dave that fast?
Yep so get a move on.
Hey Dave what’s going on Ajax said we need to get out here!
Well take a look at that see between the trees way out there?
Oh damn not again!
Can you see what that is Kate it looks like a star to me.
Seems to me to be bright red and it has all types of things shooting out from it.
And what’s that Noise Dave?
I don’t know what it is but I think its from the wind.
Hey Dave I got it give me the camera I’ll hook this monster up!
Dame Mike what the hell is that?
Its my military lens for looking at the enemy when I was in the military!
They let you keep that?
Hell no a little something I thought they owed me for making me do 3 tours in that hot ass desert.
OK Mike you got that thing hooked up?
Yea, let me take a look for you and get this baby focused.
Holy shit Dave this is really strange this things moving so fast I see the heat waves coming off of it!
Here take a look at this thing!
Oh damn thats really big must be a couple of miles wide whatta ya think?
Let me look again the lens has a device for measurement.
Hold on one second there you go! Damn Dave that things three miles wide!
What? three Miles wide?
What the hell is that?
Well it looks like a big ball with spikes coming out of it and it seems from the look of it you don’t wanna mess with it.
Here zoom in with this control.
Now can you see it?
Yea! Damn that baby’s really big how the hell can it stay in the sky?
Well Dave we’re the idiots here I guess you surmised that by now!LOL
Oh hell here comes everybody try to be cool and don’t say anything to freak my wife out ok?
Hey Trudi give this a look ok?
Oh my god what the hell is that!
End of Part 11

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