Mars Attack Part 12 "Their coming"

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Mars Attack Part 12 “Their Coming”

Ok Ok Ok everybody!! Hello everybody!!
Relax this thing is just passing over Alan an I have been watching this for the last half hour so just relax its not going to land here !! I hope.
Well what the hells it doing and what are we gonna do?
Karen just relax its not looking for us its after the leaders so it seems so no one here is a leader so just relax and getting excited about this thing is not going to help anyone.
Anyone seen my wife?
Yea Dave she’s with Romo in the play room down stairs.
Was she ok or still crying?
She looked happy for a change since Romo showed up!
Hey Alan what’s going on with that woman who’s talking to the plant?
What’s her name?
Shanina Dave and she’s still in her own world.
She say anything at all?
Nope didn’t hear a thing but Trudi might know something more!
Where she?
Don’t know she was here a few minutes ago!
Hey Dave I saw her with that woman you bought in Kate they were talking before we all came back out here.
Look Dave its a lot bigger now and gee its really big!!
Its so big the sky’s starting to get dark.
Hey Dave what do you think its doing coming this way Manhattans that way!
I think its looking for something and its got a lot of room for holding what ever it want’s to hold so lets just keep out fingers its not looking for any of us!
Hey Dave!! “Mike running out of breath!”
Hey Dave!! Its the air phone! its that woman who was coming from California with some guy names Clive!
I think she said MiMi.
Oh yea I was expecting them to show up tomorrow.
Hello MiMI this is Dave.
Hi Dave we won’t be there tomorrow it seems we have a problem here all the roads seem to be blocked up and no one is being allowed to travel !
What? they are blocking the roads?
Yep all of the roads on the interstate are blocked from all the conversations I have had with others traveling they all say the same thing!
So what do you see?
They have these small space crafts just sitting on the highway in both directions and no one can pass.
But to make things worse no ones cars are able to start and they just told us to sit still, they were looking for someone and once they had him they would allow us to travel on! But until they had him it was best for our safety to remain in our cars.
What the hell could that be?
I don’t know but its seems somethings going on that they didn’t expect or they wouldn’t block up all the roads!
MiMI, we have approaching us a hugh space ship its really big my guy Mike says its 3 miles wide!
Gee three miles wide?
Yep and its moving fast it was the size of a dime 45 minutes ago and now its the size of a half dollar.
Oh gee!
And its really loud too!
Hold on Dave they are talking to us!
Mike, Alan! Come here listen to this!
Everyone please quiet I am trying to hear what MiMI has to say she’s on the highway coming this way from California and she says the highways are closed to traffic because the aliens have blocked up the roads in both directions looking for someone!
She’s on line now listening to what they are saying so please everyone quiet!
Alan run down stairs and see what’s going on with my wife and Romo will you?
Sure Dave no problem!
Mike take a look for Trudi and that Karen woman and also see what that Shanina is up to ok?
And don’t leave her alone if she’s alone.
Hello Dave? Hello Dave? this is MiMi!
They just told us not to pick up anyone who might need a ride and to be on the lookout for hitch hikers and blow our horns 3 times and they will be there in a few seconds where ever we are.
What the hells going on can you go?
No not yet they say they need a few more hours and then we can go!
Can you see anyone?
No they have been inside these ships with black windows in the front of their ships. They are the size of 2 MTA buses.
Round and in the back the same window and on the bottom too!
How did you hear them ?
They spoke through our radios can u imagine that all of a sudden they just come on and say we will not be traveling farther so slow down and those that don’t will be stopped! And their cars destroyed.
Gees Us did anyone keep going?
One did and he was floating in the air and then dropped 100 feet to the ground.
They were not hurt their air bags saved them. But the car was destroyed.
That stopped them good!LOL
“MiMi talking in Korea”
Hello MiMi I don’t speak japanese MiMI!
Hey!! thats Korean Dave !
Ok sorry I’ll remember that!
So Dave how big is that space ship now?
Its a lot bigger than a half dollar I can see its front well and the grounds shaking too!
Dave hold on they are coming back on!
I’ll call you back!
Ok I’ll see you later MiMi let me know when you can start driving again!
Hey Karen did Alan come back yet? He was going to check on that Shanina woman!
Nope Dave he’s not back yet but I think she’s ok she was dancing and singing when we all came out here.
Singing Karen?
Yea like and indian!
No get the hell out of here!
And where’s Judi talking about indians?
I have no idea she was with Fred, but last time I saw Fred he was alone!
Where’s Fred?
He’s out by the pool talking to a couple of women and that Nature Lover woman was there too!
Yea they seem to be getting it on like old friends!
Yea like they really knew each other at one time in their lives!
Well I better get out there and take a look and get them all out here so we can all be together!
Karen keep the others out here ok?
Fine Dave but hurry up I don’t like being in charge I have too much responsibility at the hospital and don’t need that here too!
Ok Karen I’ll be right back!
Hey Karen, Hey Karen, you seen Dave?
Yea Alan he’s gone around back to the pool what’s up?
His wife and Romo are not in the playroom and no one knows where they went?
I been looking everywhere and not a sign of them!
What? No ones seen them come or go?
Oh God you go break the news to Dave I don’t want to have to do that!
Go on he’s in the back!
Hey Alan, maybe you run!!!
Hey Dave !! Hey Dave !!
What’s up Alan is everyone ok?
Yea everyone fine!
Except your wife and Romo!
They seem to be missing!
My wife and Romos missing?
An so is Judi!
Come on I’ll look down stairs and you look in the pool house and meet me here in 10 minutes!
Ok will do!
Hey Fred get everyone out front now some people are missing and we need to do a numbers count!
Hey Alan get Mike on the air phone and where the hell is he anyway?
I don’t know last time I saw him he was doing what you asked him to do look after that woman!
Ok maybe he’s in the house.
You take a look where they were and I’am gonna look in the playroom for my wife and Romo!
See ya in 10 minutes.
“Running down stairs”
Dave looking left and right!
Pushing a hidden button behind the book case.
Door sliding open!
Damn I thought you two where in here thank god I knew about this secret room your dad had made when he thought there would be a world war 3.
Well maybe he was right after all Dave!
I guess his mind was clearer than all of ours.
Well it looks like he had some type of idea about danger even if it was the wrong idea.
Hey Baby how are you?
OK honey I was really worried about Romo but now that she’s here and we’re all together I’am a lot better!
And hows everyone else?
Well Judi’s missing and Fred’s bringing everyone out front I think we all better get out front!
Come on lets go!
Hey Dave Hey Dave get up here now!!!
Come on honey lets go you too Romo.
Dave Get up here now!!!!!
Its here Dave and its so big its covering the sky.
“Dave Running up stairs”
Alan did you get Mike yea he’s in the front yard with his camera!
Hey Dave take a look at this! is this big or is this big!
I don’t need to use your camera to see its big Mike.
Thats not what I am talking about!
Then what are you talking about?
That other ship in the back ground its ten times bigger than this one!
What the hell are you talking about?
Look through my lens in the back, way in the back!
See that spot?
Its another ship but from what my lens is telling me its ten times bigger than this one!
Oh shit!

End of part 12

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