Africa, all those years ago

I have always been glued to tv documentaries about Africa, way back when ‘The World Around Us’ was on (I was 6 years old). So when I travelled to Africa back in 2001, whoah 7 years ago, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

From trekking to see the mountain gorillas, being charged by a hippo, taking photos, meeting wonderful friends, talking swahili to a zanzibarian, learning about african dreams and coming home with a deep appreciation for what we have.

I know I will go back one day. Until then I will continue to look over my photos reliving incredible memories.

Here’s a couple of pics of me back then. I remember kids coming up to touch my white skin. I glowed compared to them! When i was in Rwanda, a bunch of kids kept staring at me, I didnt understand why, until they pointed to my black sunglasses – they could see their reflection for the first time.

Showing Ugandan women what i see through my camera

Rift Valley Morning Walk in Kenya

Sipi Falls, Uganda

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

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