Well… finally I get I get the ambition to write something..what could it all mean? I’m becoming a part of the modern world..! Such a shame AND Great!

I’m a Surgical Technician morphed into a Graphic Designer (natural progression ,doncha think?) who has always been a photographer right along..won 2nd Place many moons ago in Del-Mar Fair’s World Famous Photography Contest…1978 I think!!!
When I get more awards..I’ll serious up on the Kudos section…
I have a small business here in Redondo Beach, CA, quite cleverly called “Martsolf Design”… where I do many different things, Graphically, for many different people (some actually clients!)
Corporate Logos and all the stuff that goes with that (biz cards, letterhead…yeah, tee shirts and coffee cups too!)
Photo Editing and Manipulation ( one good job was air-brushing Playboy style layouts so they have nary a blemish ANYwhere..ever notice that in those mags?? Yup, that’s me! ..quickly bored of it and stopped soon after..)
..but what I do pursue for some kind of living, is making DVDs for businesses that includes interviews with the principle people, virtual tours of the office, photography for slideshows and video segments describing what the business is all about.
I do mostly Doctors right now, because of my background (Surgery..33 years now! Can’t believe it either!)..but I need to branch out.
It’s ALOT of work alone too…hope to be able to get help with that someday too!! But.. they come out great and copies to send out are fairly inexpensive also.

I’m from Concord NH and moved to California in 1978 with aspirations to be the next James Taylor. True..I originally moved here to pursue a musical career, got into the American Center for Music Theatre Training (ACMT), did a bunch of Musicals here and there, plays an all. Had some success but not enough..got married, had my Really Great Kid, Christopher, who is 12 as of this writing..got a divorce as a matter of course (Billy Joel), now full time father…may go back to it when he’s a bit older..we’ll see.. ah.. “the dangling conversation, and the superficial sighs, mark the borders of our lives.” ..Paul Simon there..
ANYWAY..SO..I’m going to upload some photos and things here also…Don’t know about the DVD stuff..but we’ll figure that out later.
Thanks for listening!

I also have one of the Red Bubble Greats as a brother here..
Dave Martsolf.. he’s been very influential to me over the years, although he doesn’t know it (NOW he does, Mark!!) and he is truly one of the most talented artists I have ever personally known…you must check out his section of this site if you haven’t already. GO DAVE!!!

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