What does looking at a photo make you think of?

As I go through my photos and decide which to upload onto RedBubble, I have started to think more and more about what I am thinking about as I look at each photo?

Do we consciously consider the technical and artistic merits of each image? Do we try to understand why we are drawn to a particular photo, or do we simply acknowledge that we like that photo for some unknown subconscious reason? Do we assess the composition, colour, contrast, shapes, themes, breaking down the image into basic elements as we go along?

Getting to the more esoteric … can we really capture emotions and feelings with an image, or is it like any other form of art where the beauty is subjective in the eyes of the beholder. In fact, with photos I would say that it is even more so because the artist has captured only a small fraction of the greater scene, and an image cannot convey the “ambience” of the situation.

Anyways, that enough rambling on for now …

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