Unbelievably Stupid Selection

The winner of the USA catagory is offensive and clearly done by someone clueless about America. No doubt the selection was meant to be offensive. There is no other explanation. Maybe the bubblers should stop reading the New York Times (or whatever fishwrap they read in Australia) and get a clue. Unbelievable.

The pic leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. Not sure I want to be a part of a site that is so clearly hateful toward America, not to mention totally clue-less.

To top it off the red (commies?) bubbleheads attempted to obfuscate the reason for the selection by throwing out “art” reasons. And here I thought the photograph was supposed to be representative of America. Oh wait, that is what they think is representative of America.

Maybe I should have used my pics of the Klan rally. No doubt that would have won. Lead pipe cinch.

Here is the offending pic.


Can not believe this. So dissapointed in this selection.

UPDATE: the photographer is an f***ing Aussie. Pathetic

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